Entrepreneur: Alexandra Fasulo

Biz: Alex Fasulo: The Freelance Fairy

Tilt: Teaching how to earn high freelance income

Time to First Dollar: Less than five months

Channels: TikTok (544.8K), YouTube (23.9K), Instagram (150K), MentorCamp

Rev Streams: Google AdSense, TikTok Creator Fund, sponsorships, workshops

Our Favorite Actionable Advice

  • Do what you do: Alex found inspiration to create a content business from a topic she was already living – freelancing.
  • Stop the fear: Don’t delay publishing or posting your content because of what you fear others may think. Not everyone has to like it.
  • Add a repurpose fee: Alex has seen creators add a clause in their contracts requiring additional payment if the brand uses the content in more ways than the original posting.

The Story

Alexandra Fasulo started a digital career by talking about her career. Yep, you read that right. The freelance copywriter made a conscious decision to share tips for new freelancers on TikTok and YouTube, and in doing so, created a content business. 

Alex (who posts using both Alexandra and Alex depending on her account) stepped into her “dream career” in 2015, only to find it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as she’d imagined. She quit after four weeks to freelance full-time. Like many freelancers, Alex used freelance-matching sites like Fiverr to find clients and earn freelance income. In learning to navigate the web-driven career path, she picked up more than a handful of helpful tips to guide others in carving a customizable career path. 

It wasn’t until 2019 that Alex decided to share her tips online. Gary Vee (aka Gary Vaynerchuk, a renowned media guru) inspired her to start a TikTok account to give freelance income tips. And it certainly hasn’t failed her. Alex has over 540K followers on the channel and built a substantial YouTube and Instagram following. 

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Overcoming fear of reactions

Alex had some fears when she started her accounts. “I put it off for a really long time, afraid people in my life would hate/judge me for it,” Alex says. “I was right in a way – a lot of people dropped off when I did. But I realized it was silly that I pushed it off for so long – they were going to leave anyway. It made room for the right people.”

It’s an important point to consider when starting an online career. Family, friends, or followers may have different ideas of what your channel should look like. In finding the right audience, Alex has crafted a specific niche: one that encourages all viewers to take a jump into self-employment where the reward can outweigh the risk. 

Alex approaches her audience with a transparent attitude, such as sharing she makes over $750 a day in freelance income using Fiverr. She also gives honest tips about working the digital system by revealing trade secrets about Fiverr’s harder-to-find job listings. Occasionally, she posts entertainment-driven videos to show who she is outside of her work. With her authenticity, it’s no surprise Alex has made a second career by sharing the details about her first. 

Advocate for the gig economy

Alex’s success may come in part from her zest for the career option. “I am passionate about the gig economy and want to brand myself as a gig economist moving forward,” she says. “I believe there is so much opportunity not only in freelancing but in remote work and independent work in general. I believe every single person should try and join the gig economy.”

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How does she do it? “I monetize using the TikTok Creator Fund, influencer deals, brand deals, business partnerships, YouTube sponsorships, AdSense, and podcast sponsors,” Alex explains. “Social media alone can make you $5K to $10K or more per month quickly. I see tons of creators on TikTok with 10K to 15K followers on Instagram demanding $1K per post. They then write into their contract that any repurposing of their content comes with a $300 a month fee. It’s genius.” 

Advice for content entrepreneurs

Alex suggests experimenting with all kinds of content creation. “My advice to these people would be to try and test everything,” she says. “Try 15 different side hustles before you quit your job. Find what makes you happy. Lay the foundation, automate where you can, and then get ready to make the jump. There is nothing more rewarding.”

Alex doesn’t use her freelance advice business to grow her freelance business. “I don’t really want to source clients that know me personally. I actually prefer the anonymity on Fiverr. That way, your clients aren’t watching your Instagram, judging you for being out with a glass of wine when they’re still waiting on their press release,” she says. “If anything, TikTok has brought me opportunities outside of freelancing, like making online courses, writing books, PR, travel opportunities, friends, connections, and more.”

Alex Fasulo says she doesn't cross-promote her two businesses. As a freelance writer, she prefers @Fiverr because she doesn't want her writing clients to know her name. #CreatorEconomy #Freelancing Click To Tweet

Going forward, Alex plans to expand her freelance and advice empire in lots of ways. Her latest goals include: Publish her first novel in 2022. Buy some land to farm/build a house in the future. Help more people leave their miserable jobs. Do more Airbnb. Learn more practical/holistic skills like farming, herbal medicine, and holistic healing.

About the author

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