In four years, Tiffanie Davis (our YouTube case study this week) went from being a culture-shocked graduate student in the City of Light to establishing go-to online resources for Americans looking to become expats themselves.

Once a culture-shocked graduate student in Paris, @itstiffdavis opted to become the go-to online resource for Americans looking to become expats too. #startup #creatoreconomy #content entrepreneur Click To Tweet

To her 33.3K YouTube subscribers and 12K Instagram followers, she presents an attainable modern take on the American girl in Paris trope. For Tiffanie, vlogging was the one way she could share her experiences living abroad when France went into lockdown. Tidbits about French dating, Parisian apartment debacles, and Instagrammable arrondissement locations attracted eyeballs, especially those open to taking the plunge and starting somewhere new. 

Before relocating to Paris, the Bostonian who lived in New York developed a set of digital classes and workshops for foreigners wanting to follow in her footsteps. Her latest course, Find a Job in France, a partnership with a French career recruitment website MisterBilingue, is priced at $97. She also offers workshops on budgeting, forming a realistic timeline, and other resources priced up to $347.

.@itstiffdavis partnered w/ @MisterBilingue to offer a digital class about finding jobs in France. #brandpartner #contentbusiness #creatoreconomy Click To Tweet

Why we’re a Stan: Tiffany found she had a knowledge gap when she moved to Paris. Then, she came up with a solution for others who face similar challenges around moving to France. And while she is an interesting YouTube case study, she also isn’t sticking only to YouTube; she’s building online courses where she has more control over the business model.

We’re a fan of @itstiffdavis b/c she’s not just building her content business on @YouTube channel. #onlinecourses #Stan #contententrepreneur Click To Tweet


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