Entrepreneur: Taylor Tieman

Biz: The Legalmiga Library

Tilt: Legal content for content entrepreneurs and small business owners

Scene: Website, monthly newsletter, Instagram (2.3K)  X (36), Facebook (330)

Snack Bites: 

  • Taylor Tieman is an attorney who created a content business around legal content sought by creators, such as contracts, privacy policies, terms and conditions.
  • She sells a monthly membership for access to her Study Hall sessions, a quarterly Q&A with her where she answers questions and addresses legal topics.
  • While a few of her content products are free, most have an affordable fee. She even offers payment plans. 
  • Taylor also is a legal content influencer. Her first deal was a $250 Instagram post from Bank of America.

Why We Stan: Taylor saw a gap, particularly for Latinx, women, and BIOPIc communities, and filled it. The Legalmiga Library also donates 5% of its profits to LEAP, a fellowship program for students who are historically underrepresented in the legal field. 

The Story of Taylor Tieman

Taylor Tieman is a double entrepreneur. She practices law and operates a related media business, The Legalmiga Library™.

Though she gained her legal start with civil litigation firms, Taylor tells Bench that her true calling was helping small and new business owners, especially the Latinx, femme, and BIPOC communities, with the legalities of entrepreneurship.

She launched her firm and Legalmiga in 2019. As Taylor explains on her website, “Part of being a zealous advocate for not just her clients but a community of business owners meant tackling the huge financial gap between the usual cost of legal resources and access to protection for their businesses and brands.”

Targeting content entrepreneurs, The Legalmiga Library sells legal contract templates, self-study courses, content bundles and guides, Q&As with Taylor (known as Study Hall sessions), and workshops.

Memberships cost $22 a month for the Study Hall sessions or $1,895 for an all-access pass. Workshops range from free to $47. Bundles range from free to $465. Bundles include go-to legal documents for creators, such as privacy policies and terms and conditions. To make the higher-priced offerings more manageable for her clients, she offers a multi-payment option at a slightly higher price.

Taylor refers to her all-access membership program as “library cards.” She explains, “We designed this to help you feel empowered knowing your business and brand are protected from top to bottom.” It includes access to 40-plus legal contracts, templates, self-study legal courses on topics such as filing your own copyright and trademark applications, her quarterly study hall sessions, scripts to negotiate contracts, and more. Her site, though, contains the standard warning that the library’s content does not constitute legal advice.

While Taylor creates content for content entrepreneurs, she also works as a creator. She tells Business Insider that she got her first brand deal with Bank of America. It paid $250 for an Instagram post. Since then, she’s learned how to negotiate and pitch herself better to brands.

As someone providing legal content, she wasn’t sure how much to share about her personally. But her husband, who is frequently pitched by influencers at his gaming company employer, advised her to share as much as possible, according to the BI interview.

Taylor tells the publication her pitch includes a brief introduction of her as a lawyer, a personal experience related to the brand’s products or services, and the pitch to work with her. In that section, she details her social media presence, engagement analytics, previous collaborations, and why her content is a unique fit for the brand.

Business is going well. As of Jan. 1, 2021, The Legalmiga Library began donating 5% of its profits to LEAP (Legal Education Access Pipeline), a fellowship program for students who are historically underrepresented in the legal field – people of color, people who identify as LGBTQ+, first-generation college students, and people who are socioeconomically disadvantaged.

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