We’re a Stan for … Corinthius

There are a lot of Minecraft and Minecraft-related streamers in the world. Corinthius focuses their YouTube videos on 100 Days content. To the uninitiated, 100 Days refers to the number of in-game days your character survives. In the game world, a “day” might equate to about 20 minutes of play time. (Also, to the unfamiliar, that’s a really long life.)

“(Corinthius) often pushes the creative boundaries with Minecraft and comes up with some of the most unique challenges one can think of,” writes Sportskeeda

In an interview with Sportskeeda Esports’ Abhishek Mallick, Corinthius (no real name ever shared publicly) says: “While people see my recent success, what they do not see is the full year of hard work, posting weekly and then biweekly videos …”

“As I began to grow, I made friends with bigger YouTubers, such as xNestorio, who gave me some pointers in how to grow steadily on YouTube and now here we are.”

@YouTube streamer @Corinthius33 says his recent success comes after a year of hard work, posting weekly and then biweekly videos: @Sportskeeda,. #YouTuber #ContentCreator #ContentEntrepreneur Click To Tweet

Based on their YouTube contact info, Corinthius is repped by AFK Partners, a  talent management and influencer marketing agency dedicated to esports and gaming.

You also can find Corinthius streaming and posting on Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. (Corinthius hasn’t released their real-life name for security reasons.)

Why we’re a Stan: Corinthius kept their videos unlisted until they found their content tilt – 100 Days content. When they started the 100 Days content, the channel had 800 subscribers. Now, it has over 338K – what great proof that the content tilt idea works.

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