DECEMBER 5, 2023

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What You Read on The Tilt Site in 2023

OK, I’m doing something that bugs me. I’m sharing a 2023 popular list almost a month before the year actually ends. But hey, it works for Spotify, so why not The Tilt?

Visitors to blog this year liked tech, tools, and revenue-related content the most. Here are the five most popular articles in 2023. (Some were published in previous years.)

1. Creator Builds No-Code Tech Stack To Build His $2M Business

Creator Justin Welsh reports he earns $169K a month in revenue and spends less than 1% of that on a no-code tech stack to run his business. The solopreneur only contracts 20 hours a month for a virtual assistant.

How does he do all that with tech that doesn’t require an expert to run? Justin shared all his tools in a Twitter thread (and we shared the list and links in our article). For those of you just starting in your content-first business and may not have $623 a month to spend, Justin started his operations with a $19 website through Carrd. Also, some of the tools he suggests are free or have lower-cost alternatives.

2. 10 Free Chrome Extensions and Apps for Content Creators To Save Time

In expanding on the free theme, Sk Rafiqul Islam tested 10 free Chrome extensions for creators and related apps to help you take back some time. They can help create, research, or manage your day-to-day work as a content creator.

On the list is Loom, which has a Chrome extension that lets you record yourself while recording your screen. You can create quick tutorials and record instructions. It also comes in handy when pitching to a prospect to demo how you can help them.

Keyword Surfer also made the list. The free tool enables basic competitor research by showing the traffic domains on the search results received with the number of words on that web page. Surfer provides keyword ideas based on the keyword you input in Google search. It also provides keyword volume and overlap percentage.

3. How Creators Can Find a Business Manager That’s Right for Them

Sometimes, tech tools aren’t enough to manage your content business. Sarah Lindenfeld Hall explored how to find a business manager to help you sift through brand opportunities and grow your content business in new directions. But, she says, don’t just start Googling “content creator” or “influencer business managers” and hire the first one who responds.

She spoke with six talent and business managers — Emily Ward and Jess Hunichen at Shine Talent Group, Becca Bahrke and Savanah Deming at Illuminate Social, Damian Skoczylas at ICON, and Caleb Dempsey — to get tips for finding the perfect fit. Here’s what they shared.

One of them? Talk money. The standard compensation for business managers across the industry is 20% of the business booked. “If an agency asks you to pay money upfront, run away,” Jess says.

4. 7 Essential Writing & Note-taking Tools for Content Entrepreneurs

Juliet Lyall compiled a wealth of tools for many categories, but note-taking tops the most-visited list. One that’s grown in popularity is Notion, an aid for writing, planning, and task management. You get a full view of all your tasks and projects as soon as you log in.

5. Are You a Creator Ready To Open a Merch Store?

According to The Influencer Marketing Factory Creator Economy Report, merchandise accounts for about 7% of influencers’ revenue. Among followers, buying merch is one of the top ways they prefer to support their favorite creators – more than tipping them on various platforms or buying products they sponsor.

In other words, merch can further boost the engagement of the community you’ve worked so hard to build. But, as Sarah Lindenfeld Hall writes, that doesn’t mean your big merch store rollout should include a little bit of everything for everybody. The key is understanding your audience so you can be strategic about what you sell.

– Ann Gynn

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content entrepreneur spotlight

Entrepreneur: Maayan Gordon

Biz: MG Media

Tilt: Helping businesses recognize the value of their employees

Primary Channel: Website

Other Channels: TikTok (2.3M), Instagram (35.3K), LinkedIn (38.1K), newsletter

Time to First Dollar: 3 months

Rev Streams: Consulting services, freelance writing

Our Favorite Actionable Advice

  • Do what you like doing: Maayan went down several entrepreneurial paths before she found she enjoyed consulting with businesses the best.
  • Don’t build on rented land: A glass-blowing art business became victim to Instagram’s whims, dramatically decreasing views to Maayan’s primary sales channel.
  • Thwart scope creep: Make sure consulting clients understand the terms and scope of work in the contract. Then, stick to those terms. If they want another call, for example, let them know the additional charge to do it.

– Marc Maxhimer

Read Maayan Gordon’s story.

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things to know

  • Who cares?: Big brands fleeing X advertising could kill the platform, but Elon Musk says to them: “Go fuck yourself.” (Wired)
    Tilt Take: Um … to retain or grow a business, don’t curse at them unless it’s really worth losing them.
  • Pop up: Mtn Dew (aka Mountain Dew) uses a new tool to identify Twitch streamers drinking its product during a show. The located creators can earn rewards and products in this Mtn Dew Raid. (AdAge)
    Tilt Take: Imagine monetizing your content without doing it on purpose. Of course, these perks likely won’t support any creators, but it could be a nice little bonus.
  • Banking it: More millennials favor YouTube over TikTok for content about how to manage their money. Insider Intelligence reports 65% use the Google-owned platform vs. 43% who opt for TikTok. (Tubefilter)
    Tilt Take: Interesting to see millennials go for the old-school video platform when it comes to their money.
  • Still watching: Montana’s ban on TikTok won’t go into effect on Jan. 1 as scheduled. A federal judge has blocked the law. (CNBC)
    Tilt Take: The First Amendment still matters.
Tech and Tools
  • Sew up spam: Meta’s Threads doesn’t allow more than one topic tag per post because it doesn’t want spammers to take over and add a bunch of hashtags to popular topics. (Social Media Today)
    Tilt Take: Thoughtful approach to the user experience (if the users opt to use the app).
  • More personal: Google introduced new tools for owners of social media sites and discussion forums to help them rank better in search. (TechCrunch)
    Tilt Take: Another take to minimize spammy content that plays the SEO game to rank.
And Finally
  • Prediction: Co-creator launches will be on the agenda in 2024 as creators combine forces and audiences to launch new products and services. (Amanda Goetz)
    Tilt Take: Collaborations are a smart business strategy. Just make sure to put any partnership in writing.
  • People are it: Eleven creator startups focus on community, not audiences. This list encompasses platforms from Patreon to Discord. (Business Insider)
    Tilt Take: The power of community also can bring the power of monetization for creators and the platforms they use.

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