In 2018, Graham Stephan’s online community grew exponentially after uploading an unboxing video for his new Chase invitation-only credit card. In the months leading up, the real estate tycoon and YouTube content creator posted online videos on personal finance, investing, and ways for the average viewer to save money. The 29 year old with 3.37M subscribers initially looked at YouTube as a creative outlet, a fun project that morphed into a way for him to earn more, especially in ad revenue on YouTube. 

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After gaining 2M subscribers, posting three videos a week helped him earn about $171K in ad revenue in 2018. That unboxing video racked in $3.4K in one day and averaged about $1K on subsequent days.

Why we’re a Stan: Though his unboxing video went viral, we’re more impressed by the YouTube content creator for regularly posting multiple videos every week to grow his finance-focused audience. You can’t plan for a viral hit, but you can plan to provide your audience with valuable content regularly.

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