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In Friday 5s: It’s time to tackle some NFT and social token stuff. Do you know your SLV? Why doesn’t anything get done when everyone seems so busy? And a bunch of other things to know, read, and hear.

5 things to do

In a Web3 world, content entrepreneurs should understand the power and pitfalls of NFTs and social tokens (aka creator coins). Here are five things to get started in obtaining that knowledge.

1. Know the difference between NFTs and social tokens: NFT stands for non-fungible token. Non-fungible means it is one of a kind. They represent the digital rights to an asset, which can be bought, sold, and verified publicly. Fungible tokens are better known as social tokens or creator coins. Each coin has the same value, just like a dollar is a dollar, a yen is a yen, and a bitcoin is a bitcoin.

2. Establish a solid foundation: Whether you plan to sell NFTs or use social tokens in your content business, the first step is the same: Build a solid business base. The power of either token model usually relies on the issuer having a strong audience interested in participating in the business.

3. See the power of NFTs beyond digital collectibles: Some content creators mistakenly think NFTs are limited to digital art collectibles and, therefore, irrelevant to their business. But you create digital content assets that can be converted into NFTs. A podcaster could sell NFTs that allow access to exclusive shows. For an author, it could be a book. A YouTuber could sell a membership package as an NFT. Heck, a blog writer could sell an NFT for each article they write.

4. Use social tokens to retain and grow communities: Creators who issue coins create their own currency system. Their audiences can use traditional money to buy the coins or acquire them through a reward system. For example, The Tilt gives $5 in $TILT coin for every referred subscriber. Creators also can accept social tokens as payment for products and services, or give token holders discounts. You also can set up tier-level memberships based on the total coins (or coin value) held by the community member.

5. Manage expectations: Market volatility makes a business model solely reliant on revenue from NFTs or social tokens difficult and impossible for most. Yet, you still should continue learning and pay attention to the opportunities. Just make sure to tread lightly.

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5 things at the tilt

5 things to know

  • SLVs: If you better realize your newsletter subscriber lifetime value, you may invest more earlier in audience growth. Assess your SLV at least quarterly. (SparkLoop)
    Tilt Take: A subscriber’s value isn’t just about paid subscriptions. It’s about every profitable interaction they have.
  • Meta future: Meta launched its Creators of Tomorrow showcase, highlighting talents across Europe, The Middle East, and Africa. It will help them grow their audiences and turn their “passions into professions across our technologies.” (Meta)
    Tilt Take: We’re all for showcasing creators who may not otherwise get the attention they deserve. We just want to warn them not to rely solely on Meta for their future success.
  • Station breaks: Twitchers who host other content creators’ live broadcasts when they’re offline won’t be able to do that anymore. Twitch will end the host mode feature on Oct. 3. (tubefilter)
    Tilt Take: Don’t think this news means creator collaborations don’t work. Just make sure to develop a smart, well-timed collaboration with creators who have audiences you want to reach.
Tech and Tools
  • Calendar additions: Twitter now lets broadcasters schedule up to 10 Spaces over the next upcoming 30 days. (Social Media Today)
    Tilt Take: Scheduling tools are helpful not only to streamline administrative tasks but to publicize future content.
And Finally
  • Not as personal: News leaked Instagram plans to cut back its shopping features. It wants to focus directly on advertising and less on personalized shopping pages, according to The Information. (Reuters)
    Tilt Take: Expect third-party platforms to recenter all their energy on what can make them the most money in a less-than-vibrant economy.

5 things to read, watch, or hear

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