In 2019, Kimberly Hamilton founded Beworth Finance, a website and Instagram account (3.9K) dedicated to changing how millennials, specifically women, discuss and plan their finances. According to her website, her goal was simple – to offer in-depth, relatable, and approachable financial advice. 

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Her blog is filled with articles that run the finance gamut, from the right money moves to make before the CARES Act ends and what to ask lenders during the pandemic to her experience in the stock market and the intersection of money and emotions

Before becoming a certified financial education instructor, Kimberly learned by first-hand experience, paying off student debt while working a low-paying job and discovering how to budget. 

She explains, “I’m a proud New Yorker that moved to Washington, DC, making $15/hour in 2012. I was 24 and spent a lot of time being stressed about money. But through that process, I perfected a system that allowed me to pay off over $45,000 worth of student debt in three years, double my income in four, and buy my first home, before my 30th birthday, in five.” 

Today, she sells finance classes, including her Money Moves Accelerator course. The proud Latina also makes a living through speaking, hosting in-person workshops, and holding private coaching sessions. 

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Why we’re a Stan: Kimberly Hamilton found a content tilt based on her personal experience. But she went further, continuing her finance-related education formally and becoming a certified financial education instructor.

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