Believe it or not, The Tilt has its very own currency called $TILT coin.

$TILT coin is our creator coin. It’s a cryptocurrency built on The Rally Network (an open, decentralized network that is powered by its native ERC-20 governance token, $RLY).

Is that too much information? Don’t worry if you are new to crypto. For most $TILT coin holders, this is their first exposure to any kind of crypto.

Creator Coins are social tokens that are a fully customizable, branded cryptocurrency unique to the individual creator. When you buy and hold $TILT coin you get rewards and discounts as a TILT community member. Think of it like rewards miles, but 1000 times better. And, as our community grows, we will be using $TILT coin to build our own economy.

I know. You’re thinking, “how do I get some of that amazing $TILT coin?”

Well…you are in luck. There are a couple ways to get $TILT coin.

First, by subscribing to The Tilt newsletter, we are going to send you $5 USD in $TILT to get started.  

Second, you can get $5 USD in $TILT for every new subscriber you refer with your unique referral link found in your newsletter.  

Lastly, if you’d rather just buy some $TILT without doing any work, you can purchase $TILT on the network (where $TILT coin trades). Just pick up a Rally username and go to the $TILT coin main page. Buy all you like.

What can you do with $TILT coin?

Well…a lot actually.

Once you have some $TILT coin, you get exclusive access to our Discord community, where you can learn and share with other content creators.

You can use it to purchase reports, training, or other educational opportunities at The Tilt.

You can buy cool merch. You can gift it. And, if you want, you can even exchange it for real dollars.

I know, sounds too good to be true, right?

As The Tilt community grows, we’ll be looking for more ways to use $TILT coin to reward you as a community member. If you have some ideas on how we could leverage $TILT better, please contact us here.

$TILT coin full benefits and uses

$TILT coin holders help contribute directly to the creator economy. The Tilt is dedicated to turning content creators into content entrepreneurs.


  • Subscribe at and receive $5 (USD) in starter $TILT coin
  • Receive an additional $5 (USD) in $TILT coin for each member referral
  • As a $TILT holder you are eligible for $RLY rewards
  • Gain access to our private discord group

TILT Club (Hold at least 1 $TILT coin or more)

  • Be part of a weekly random giveaway of up to $200 (USD) in $TILT coin
  • 10% off all training and educational courses
  • 10% off all merchandise
  • all Member benefits

TILT5 Club (Hold at least 5 $TILT coin or more)

  • Exclusive content creation report dropped at the end of each month
  • Early access to all education and event opportunities
  • 25% off all training and educational courses
  • 25% off all merchandise
  • all TILT Club benefits

TILT VIP (Hold at least 20 $TILT coin or more)

  • Exclusive inner circle discord area to help shape the business goals and operations at The Tilt
  • 50% off all training and educational courses
  • all TILT5 Club benefits

TILT Author

Submit an article to The Tilt and, if accepted, receive $250 (USD) in $TILT coin. Complete the guest submission form here –