Believe it or not, The Tilt has its very own currency called $TILT coin.

As our community grows, we will be using $TILT coin to build our own economy. In the very near future, $TILT will be used for exclusive content upgrades and VIP opportunities for anyone holding $TILT coin.

I know. You’re thinking, “how do I get some of that amazing $TILT coin?”

Well…you are in luck. There are a couple ways to get $TILT coin.

First, by subscribing to The Tilt newsletter, you’ll learn of all the ways you can earn $TILT coin. So, you’ll need to subscribe.

Second, if you’d rather just buy some $TILT without doing any work, you can purchase $TILT on the network (where $TILT coin trades). Just pick up a Rally username and go to the $TILT coin main page. Buy all you like.

As The Tilt community grows, we’ll be looking for more ways to use $TILT coin to reward you as a community member. If you have some ideas on how we could leverage $TILT better, please contact us here.