Entrepreneur: Jenn Im

Tilt: Trendy and seasonal fashion YouTuber-turned-lifestyle-content guru

Scene: Website, YouTube (3.16M), Instagram (1.7M), Facebook (493K), Twitter (109.9K)

Snack Bites:

  • Jenn Im wanted to make her first iteration – Clothes Encounter – a blog but opted for YouTube because she thought there were too many blogs in the space. That was 2010.
  • She prefers to work with brands that have already done their homework and know her content tilt before pitching her.
  • Jenn knows her authentic content is what builds the trust that keeps her audience coming back to view again and again.

Why We’re a Stan:

Jenn took a personal passion, hunting for unique fashion and following the latest beauty trends, and shared it on video with her followers. She evolved her content strategy, so she was more selective about what she highlights on her platforms, causing her online community to trust her product reviews.  

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The Story of Jenn Im

Once called Clothes Encounters, Jenn Im’s YouTube channel is a hub for everyone from high-street novices to fashion experts to everyday beauty lovers. In 2010, Jenn started her career as a YouTube fashionista, creating authentic fashion content for her fans and a page that followed her unique aesthetic. 

Living in Los Angeles, she was surrounded by relaxed, thrift, and boho clothing, as evident in her first Summer Fashion Haul. This video has finds from brands H&M, Goodwill, American Apparel, and Urban Outfitters.

As she explained to Entrepreneur: “I started the summer of 2010 at a time when YouTube was a small and more intimate space. I wanted to start a blog. But it was so saturated and I thought, I’m obsessed with watching YouTube videos; why don’t I showcase my fashion on this platform?” And the rest is history. 

@imJennIm wanted to publish a fashion blog but launched a #YouTube channel in 2010 because she thought the blog market was saturated. #Stan #ContentEntrepreneur Click To Tweet

She now calls the popular account “a visual diary of my life.” That is understandable since she started uploading videos about more than fashion tips. Her husband and newborn make weekly appearances for her 3.16M subscribers. 

Growing a content strategy

For years, her online content has reflected the trendy and popular seasonal tips viewers search for, such as dewy makeup tips in the spring/summer and the best wardrobe for colder months. Jenn occasionally sprinkles in evergreen content in between. She explains she also looks for trending topics and challenges on YouTube. “If I see those kinds of videos are successful, then I’ll hop on it. The important thing is to be fast before it dies out.”

Jenn began building her content business with one motto: Consistency is key. She regularly uploaded quality videos to YouTube and Instagram. She also made sure to choose the right team and partners to produce stunning, high-quality videos and photos, as well as market and distribute the content.

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Doing product reviews 

Jenn deeply cares about giving honest product reviews to her audience. “I work with brands I believe in.” In an interview with Glossy.co, she says, “Before I work with any brand, I need a month, minimum, to test out the product to see if I even like it.” 

Viewers support Jenn’s beauty and fashion picks, as seen in her Top 10 Beauty Products of 2019. The comment section had unwavering support for videos like these. Fans wrote, “So gorgeous, always love your recommendations” and “​​Yay! I was hoping to see your favorite makeup products throughout 2019!” 

Jenn mixes paid and unpaid brand promotions because she wants to share what works for her with the rest of the world. She prefers to work with brands that have done their research on her before sending free products or pitching a brand collab. For example, she highlights, “​​my favorite Korean beauty company, Soko Glam, (that) knows what type of skin I have, so they only send me products suitable to my skin type.”

About the author

Shameyka McCalman is a wordsmith whose work often centers around fashion, art, and other creatives of color. She earned her communications degree from the University of Massachusetts Boston and enjoys sifting through clothes in local vintage shops, frequenting nearby plays, and gazing at exhibitions on view in museums.