Five years ago, makeup artist Deere built a following on Twitch when she morphed two subcultures into one: video games and drag. The streamer explains to NBC News, “I was thinking to myself, ‘I have a new computer, it has the capabilities of streaming, and I just want to be a drag queen, so why not be the video gaming drag queen? It just made sense.”

She then formed a collective with drag streamers called Stream Queens, which now has over 80 members, hoping to cultivate a supportive community for queens (and kings) on the platform.

@dearDeere brings it to her @Twitch stream, morphing two subcultures into one – video games and drag. And that’s a #contenttilt we love. Share on X

Well, pushing for inclusivity online pays. According to the Twitch Money Calculator on Influencer Marketing Hub, Deere’s channel (42.2K) has an estimated media value of $14.6K. Paid subscriptions, donations, and influencer marketing, along with ads, affiliate sales, and sponsorships account for her various income streams.

Why we’re a Stan: We love that Deere saw the power in collaboration. Making space for queens and kings also allowed for her account to become a recognizable part of drag gaming.

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