Entrepreneur: Jeremy Schneider

Biz: Personal Finance Club

Tilt: Personal finance for beginners 

Scene: Website, Instagram (392K), TikTok (112.8K), Facebook (14.9K), YouTube (​​6.47K)

Snack Bites:

  • Jeremy Schneider created the Personal Finance Club for those new to the world of finance, investing, Roth IRAs, and more. 
  • By consistently posting good content, he grew a following on social media.
  • He advises other entrepreneurs to realize all the hard work that goes into creating a content business.

Why We Stan:

Jeremy Schneider grew his audience through his personal finance content hub so well that he earned $110K in revenue the first week he launched an online investment course priced at $79.

The Story of Jeremy Schneider

Finance guru Jeremy Schneider used his passion for business, personal finance, and startup culture to create the Personal Finance Club – a support group for financial experts and novices. 

As Jeremy explains on his site, “financial education improves lives, and it should be taught in schools.” Since most people aren’t taught financial literacy in schools, his club works to make this critical concept accessible to everyone.  

Since financial literacy isn't taught in school, @jerschneid made it his #ContentTilt and launched Personal Finance Club (@PerFinClub). #Stan #ContentEntrepreneur Click To Tweet

After retiring from his internet startup RentLinx, the 36-year-old traveled the globe and read financially savvy investing books, articles, studies, and podcasts. His fun hobby transformed into a lucrative business. Through his research, he saw themes around finance topics and compiled them into a central resource on his site and promoted them through social media channels. 

On the Personal Finance Club about page, its mission and values are clearly outlined so the audience knows what to expect, including its 10 core principles, ranging from living below one’s means to simple is better than complex.

Make memorable content to grow a following

The San Diego resident started posting his daily finance tips on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. After growing a modest following, he realized building an online following involves consistently posting good content. 

Jeremy tells Insider, “If you want to be an influencer, be prepared for the grind.” The business owner continues, “There’s a tremendous amount of prep work, research, editing, and testing for every piece of content that gets posted. You’re going to work really hard because the pressure to keep cranking out content is incessant. That’s the economy.” 

If you want to be an influencer, be prepared for the grind, @jerschneid tells @ThiInsider. #ContentBusiness #CreatorEconomy Click To Tweet

He explains that constantly posting good content allows him to create targeted advice and craft a memorable story that resonates with his audience. 

Like his Instagram feed, his other social media pages have easy-to-digest content, emojis, colorful graphics and charts, and memorable phrases like index and chill, a take on the popular saying Netflix and chill, and social insecurity

Build wealth, earn capital

The multimillionaire also creates course content, such as Build Wealth by Investing in Index Funds. The $79 course encompasses eight hours of beginner-friendly investing content filled with engaging tutorials and tips to build long-term wealth and capital. 

Former course participants have become supporters, writing five-star reviews on Trust Pilot: “I learned so much from this program. I’ve wanted to learn to invest for a while but didn’t know where to start. I started reading several books, but I couldn’t understand the content was extremely boring. Jeremy broke it down with simplicity, humor, tons of valuable information, and an “aha” moment where I became confident that I can do this.”

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Though Jeremy thought about offering that course for free, he monetized it to reinvest the revenue into more video creation and to donate to charitable causes like UNICEF, Charity: Water, and other social services programs. In the first week, the course brought in in $110K in sales. 

However, he has created a free course – Investing for Beginners in 60 Minutes, which teaches watchers how and why they need to invest their money. The 10 videos, averaging about four minutes each, are just as creative as his social media content, following a similar aesthetic and innovative approach. 

Jeremy’s course and online content have helped him rebrand the dialogue around finance and wealth-building discourse. His range is formatted in a fun, easy-to-understand format, helping him reach people who usually stray away from the finance sector.

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