Entrepreneur: Vincent Chan

Tilt: Helping people live healthier and wealthier lives

Scene: YouTube (599K), reThinkable newsletter, Instagram (235K), TikTok (105K), Daily Market Briefs newsletter

Snack Bites: 

  • Vincent Chan landed a six-figure job in finance out of college, earning praise from his parents, who had never graduated from high school.
  • Disappointed by the long hours, layers of bureaucracy, and more, Vincent wanted something different. He launched a part-time content business focused on finance.
  • Vincent left his full-time traditional job after he had a year’s expenses saved.
  • His content business now earns over $120K a year. 

Why We Stan: Vincent values direct access to his audience. His website landing page is an email sign-up for his newsletter, and he promotes free content products on his social media that require an email address to access.

The Story of Vincent Chan

Vincent Chan didn’t have the network to land a full-time job in finance. An immigrant from China who moved to the United States when he was young, his connections were primarily blue-collar workers.

But Vincent worked hard and landed in the corporate finance industry, earning $120K a year. As he tells Business Insider, “I was spending 60 to 80 hours every single week helping this super large organization build their dream when I could have been spending that time doing my own thing.”

With those seeds germinating, Vincent began devoting some time every week as a content creator. He developed videos to help people learn more about finance and how to handle their finances more successfully. And he saved his money.

“When I quit, I knew I had a financial safety net and that if anything were to happen, I could live off of that,” Vincent tells BI, noting he had saved enough for a year of living. 

A safety net gives people more options, Vincent explains. “Working for a company might provide you with a sense of security and stability — but your company can fire you the next day, so you don’t really know.”

In 2023, The Penny Hoarder named him one of 11 Asian American financial influencers to follow. Vincent operates his YouTube channel, distributes a weekly newsletter called reThinkable, and posts regularly on Instagram and TikTok.

Connecting with audience

Vincent offers multiple content products and formats to accommodate his audience’s preferences. His YouTube channel has almost 600K subscribers, while Instagram and TikTok are closer to 200K. He also scribes a weekly newsletter with actionable tips and practical life advice.

He also expands their learning opportunities. While his YouTube channel devotes most of its videos to the living healthier and wealthier playlist, it also hosts playlists for explaining finance and economics, and wealth-building. 

But no matter where Vincent distributes his content, he stays laser-focused on growing his direction connection with the audience. Almost all calls to action lead to acquiring his audience’s email address.

On his website, the only content relates to signing up for his weekly newsletter. On his Instagram, he asks people to comment to access his free content, such as his savings tracker and Kaikebo budgeting system based on a Japanese philosophy.

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