The stage for Cameron Ferguson is Twitch. The Seattle singer-songwriter-guitarist doesn’t have a big audience (2.4k), but he had the right audience one night in April: CobieLive (11.7K) on Twitch aka CryptoCobain (330K) on Twitter. 

CryptoCobain told Cameron to register for Blockfolio, a cryptocurrency app, create a Twitter account, and add his crypto address in the bio. A day later, Cameron (CamFergMusic) had $85,000 in his Blockfolio account. (The story has been told on multiple sites, including Dexerto.)

Three weeks later, Cameron frequently posts to his new Twitter account and has over 5K followers. His Twitch goals and progress for May are more moderate. Eight days in he had: 339 of 1K subscribers; 2,384 of 10K followers; and $1 of $3K in donations.

Why we’re a Stan: Cameron won the audience lottery when CryptoCobain heard him play. But he isn’t just cashing in; he’s building his business. It’s great that he didn’t see Twitter as a one-off revenue play. By regularly posting (and keeping his crypto address in the bio), he’s growing his community and his business. We also were pleased to see the lottery audience didn’t go to his head. His May goals on Twitch are ambitious but within the realm of possibility.

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