It may seem boring, but Better Sheets is big business for Andrew Kamphey. He sells spreadsheet templates and how-to-create templates as a subscription service.

Andrew tells Mashable he made about $40,000 in the past year. When COVID hit, he thought people now working at home might have more time to explore business projects outside their traditional workday. As a startup’s Google Sheet guy, he already had set up a lot of the worksheets they would need.

Better Sheets reports more than 2,100 subscribers. It has a limited offer of lifetime access for $49 or subscriptions for $19 a month. His social media following is small: Twitter (356) YouTube channel (832).

Why we’re a Stan: Andrew isn’t afraid of free content competition. As he writes on his site: “Once you think of a ungoogleable question (sic). Then come back to In the meantime, you can watch every single YouTube video I made.” 

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