Entrepreneur: Mirvat Hachem-Osseili

Biz: Bake My Day Mimo

Tilt: Making cakes and cupcakes and telling stories of life

Scene: YouTube (1.07M), Instagram (176K), TikTok (3.8M), Amazon affiliate

Snack Bites: 

  • Mirvat started a home bakery and turned to Instagram as a channel to showcase her beautiful cakes. Then, she turned to TikTok to share the daily grind of a one-woman business.
  • Viewers liked the behind-the-scenes stories, and Mirvat soon focused her content on YouTube Shorts. Good Morning America and Buzzfeed have featured her work.
  • She monitors her analytics closely. After seeing her numbers stagnate, she asked viewers what they wanted to see more of.

Why We Stan: Mirvat turned the content marketing for her bakery business into a full-fledged content business. The latter has allowed her to voluntarily reduce the number of cakes she makes every week and even gives her a little more free time.

The Story of Mirvat Hachem-Osseili

A former teacher, Mirvat Hachem-Osseili has built a baking business and a content business in the last few years. 

The mother of three started baking for customers because she liked being active. Then, she started posting images of her work to Instagram, eventually joining TikTok and finally landing on YouTube.

Mirvat doesn’t just show her cakes and other baked goods. She takes viewers behind the scenes to see how she makes them and runs the business Bake My Day Mimo. Good Morning America has featured her Encanto-themed cake. Buzzfeed shared the story of the lesson she learned about deposits. “I tend to trust people, so I didn’t have a contract or do deposits back then. Unfortunately, I had no-shows for completed cakes multiple times back then,” Mirvat tells viewers.

She found showcasing the daily grind of running a one-woman bakery – making five to six custom cakes a week – from her house attracted viewers. She created daily themes for her videos, such as “Drop It Like It’s Hot Monday” and “Topper Tuesday.”

Thanks to the growth of her Bake My Day Mimo content business, Mirvat now makes about three (and never more than four) orders a week.

She also has an Amazon page where she curates products and earns a commission when people buy them. While most items are related to baking, she also shares organizational and fitness products.

While she still posts on all three channels, YouTube is her primary platform.

As she tells Tubefilter, “I usually just upload on TikTok just because most of the brands for some reason want to work with TikTok, so that’s why I upload there. Then Instagram I’ve always had forever … I just upload for the followers that I’ve had, my OG followers. Really my focus is YouTube.”

Though Mirvat has over 1M subscribers on YouTube, she notices when her audience interest remains stagnant. She tried to change that by creating content that followed trends on the channel, such as ASMR baking, and asking viewers what they wanted more of.

The answer, as she says in the Tubefilter interview, came quickly. “They were like, ‘Nothing, stay exactly the same. This is great. We love your voiceovers. We love your cakes. Just don’t change it.’”

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