Former JetSetBabe blogger and certified image consultant Anna Bey uses her YouTube account to share her take on femininity and modern elegance while experiencing great audience growth. She has 1M followers, or “elegant ladies” as she calls them, who watch countless videos on her platform with titles such as Look Classy In Summer With These 5 Items, 5 Fashion Rules EVERY Woman Should Know, and How To Dress For Your Body Shape

The YouTuber, who reached 1M subscribers this year, details the work to get there in this video. For six months, Anna Bey practiced being an online personality before uploading to her channel. In 2018, she posted her first video and continued to upload content weekly, which was critical to her success. Recently, the Estonian native’s work was featured in the New York Post, Cosmopolitan, and others. 

@AnnaBeyOfficial uploads content weekly. Posting videos regularly was critical to her success. That's why we're a #Stan. #ContentEntrereneur #CreatorEconomy Click To Tweet

Anna Bey is the founder of Secrets of the Elite Woman, an online finishing school for “ladies who are passionate about their pursuit of a refined and elegant life,” according to her YouTube about section

Why we’re a Stan: Anna sets viewer expectations by consistently publishing videos to her YouTube channel. Regularity, more than frequency, is essential to audience growth.

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