Registered dietitian and food brand ambassador Abbey Sharp created the Abbey’s Kitchen: Science and Sass on YouTube (505K) and as a blog to debunk unhealthily food myths and feature nutritional quality recipes and cooking tips. 

The mom uses her degree in applied science for food and nutrition studies to inform her commentary on the right way to discuss a person’s weight loss journey by using celebrities Adele and Lizzo as an example. Most recently, she’s fact-checked TikTok diet tips, taught her followers how to increase their BMI healthily, and candidly discussed her SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) diagnosis

In 2021, Abbey found out that she had SIBO brought on by back-to-back rounds of antibiotics. Her diagnosis reveal video, which has been viewed over 193K times, explains how the doctor uses breath tests to indicate where bacteria is fermenting in her intestinal system and how much gas they are creating. 

Her fans appreciate Abbey’s transparency, posting comments like, “Thank you so much for talking about this! So important, definitely had a tough journey of my own with SIBO but so glad you are educating people along the way.” And, “I’m glad you got a diagnosis! I feel like with today’s trend of “diets to control bloating,” people forget that bloating can often be a result of a medical problem, not just diet.” 

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In 2018, Abbey released a book titled, The Mindful Glow Cookbook and opened her own media school, Sharper Edge Media Training, which caters to dietitians and food bloggers looking to grow within the social and traditional media sphere. Online fitness company obé and affordable therapy website BetterHelp are two of her many sponsored video partners.

Why we’re a Stan: Abbey’s openness with her personal health combined with her expert insight allows her fans to have a relatable, trusting connection with her.

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