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  • Full Tilt: Don’t Be Dull
  • Content Entrepreneur: Audience-Incentivized Revenue
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  • full tilt

    All Business Dulls Entrepreneurs’ Creativity and Health

    Does even 30 minutes to eat lunch away from a screen or walk down the street feel like a luxury? Couldn’t those minutes be better spent creating content, working on your invoices, or tackling something else on your to-do list?

    Probably not.

    A 24/7 grind isn’t sustainable in the long run, and research shows a clear connection between a healthy body and the skills required for a healthy business. Moving your body improves your concentration. It boosts your thinking skills. It makes you more productive. It can lower your stress levels. And it can even bolster your creativity.

    Successful creators swear by it. Kat Norton, AKA Miss Excel, who earns seven figures, steps away from work for a day each week to do yoga, go outside, and meditate. Body positivity influencer Brynta Ponn makes a point to put down her phone and play with her dog or just read a book.

    In a field where you’re faced with constant competition, trolls, and a community to maintain, movement is necessary, says Dylan Lewis, who streams Madden on Twitch and posts Madden content on YouTube. “I am by no means a health expert. But I think just going to the gym just improves your mental health. It makes you feel better about yourself.”

    Breaks are necessary for creativity: Jeff Sanders, a podcaster and author of The 5 AM Miracle and The Free-Time Formula, says: “What tends to happen to everyone, myself especially, the more that you work, the less creative you become over time,” Jeff says. “Without the rest, your content creation will just fall off the map because you’ll run out of energy and creativity, which fuels what you’re making.”

    Emily Marquis, a certified clinical health and wellness coach, says, “If we’re not getting (150 minutes a week) as a baseline, our mental capacity goes down, our sleep goes down, our bodily functions and organ productivity goes down.”

    Among Emily and Jeff’s recommendations:

    • Shift your creator mindset and add health to the priority list.
    • Set boundaries. It’s about saying yes to only things that actually move the needle for your business and no to everything that doesn’t. That leaves time for you for a workout without guilt.
    • Pick something you’ll do. Concerned a 60-minute block is too much time to take? Start with 60 seconds of jumping jacks every hour.
    • Schedule your three “premium” hours wisely: Research indicates people are most productive for no more than three hours a day. Devote those hours to creativity and hard business thinking.

    “The whole intention is that frequently, throughout the day, you are walking away from work to move your body and get your heart rate up, so you can come back to your work a little more refreshed and hydrated and ready to go,” Jeff says.

    – Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

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    content entrepreneur spotlight

    Entrepreneur: Mikki Brooke

    Biz: Mikfoolery

    Tilt: Variety Twitch streamer who also plays lots of characters

    Primary Channels: Twitch (4.6K)

    Other Channels: Twitter (2.3K), TikTok (996 followers)

    Time to First Dollar: Few weeks

    Rev Streams: Twitch subs, gifted subs, bits, tips, Fanhouse, merch

    Our Favorite Actionable Advice:

    • Create incentives: Mikki promotes a revenue goal to their audience. If they achieve it, they bring out their theatrical skills in the form of special characters for a wild “guest” appearance.
    • Reinvest in your business: In the first eight months of Mikfoolery, Mikki reinvested all their revenue back into the business and bought better equipment to amp up their streaming.
    • Don’t count: Mikki turns off the viewer count in their stream so they don’t fall into negative (and unnecessary) thoughts.

    – Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

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    quick talk

    Caught on … Twitter

    “Paying attention to patterns in your arena of interest will lead you to the best ideas to execute your content on.” – Professor Nez

    things to know

    • 6-figure loss: TikTok deleted @BeleafMel’s channel w/ millions of followers for copyright infringement. It was his own song. He lost six figures in branded posts scheduled to run. (Glen of Beleaf in Fatherhood)
      Tilt Take: Unfortunately, creators often are the ones who pay the price when a fallibility is discovered on a social platform.
    • Yep please: Search platforms make big money and content creators make nothing from search. Ahrefs wants to change that with Yep, a search engine under development in which 90% of ad revenues would go to the content creators. (Tech Crunch)
      Tilt Take: We look forward to seeing Yep be developed and support the very people whose content brings in the revenue.
    • TikTok takes to Spotify: Vox research found 83 of Spotify’s top 200 artists in 2020-21 got their big break on TikTok. (The Publish Press)
      Tilt Take: TikTok is a great marketing platform for creators.
    • Grow attention: Your Twitter stream now shows tweets liked by people you follow – and it’s labeled as such. (Matt Navarra; tl;dr Marketing)
      Tilt Take: Make the ask of your followers to like a tweet as long as it’s relevant to them. (NFT 365 Podcaster Brian Fanzo does this well in his community.)
    Tech and Tools
    • More Meta: Instagram Reels can now go 90 seconds. Plus, they can contain polls, quizzes, and emoji slider stickers previously only available on Stories. (Tech Crunch; h/t Matt Navarra)
      Tilt Take: New features are great when used strategically.
    • Notify me: Twitter is working on letting users subscribe to get push notifications for their chosen keywords. (Search Engine Journal)
      Tilt Take: This Google Alert-like feature can help you understand conversations on your topics in real time.
    And Finally
    • Success ingredients: “Having a quality product, being consistent, being an early adopter and getting some luck seems to be what helps most (creators) in earning enough to climb to the top.” (Bloomberg Opinion in The Washington Post)
      Tilt Take: Interesting take about whether creators can truly earn a living. We certainly think they can with the right strategy.
    • Go for scrappy: Some of the talent leaving big tech media in favor of creator-related startups say it’s because creator needs weren’t being addressed by the big platforms. (Insider)
      Tilt Take: Another important reminder.

    the business of content

    the tilt team

    Your team for this issue: Joe Pulizzi, Ann Gynn, Laura Kozak, Marc Maxhimer, and Dave Anthony, with an assist from Angelina Kaminski, Sarah Lindenfeld Hall, and Don Borger.