When Offerpop was founded in 2009, the company says, the name was apt. The goal of digital marketing was to engage consumers through promotions, sweepstakes, and special offers. Since then, technology has fueled a more interactive, empowered consumer, and now Offerpop is rebranding accordingly. It is now Wyng.

Marketing effectiveness today is increasingly driven by consumer influence, and brands have a new potential to activate and unite consumers. Gannett’s USA Today tapped into the importance of consumer influence with their #votingbecause campaign, powered by Wyng. USA Today has given our country’s voters a platform for their voices to be heard, inspiring them to show up at the polls on Election Day.

Keeping pace with technology and innovation, the company has evolved and outgrown Offerpop. Wyng embodies the company’s vision to elevate consumer influence by providing a marketing platform for brands and agencies to build and run campaigns that drive participation.