When Tina Meeks experienced isolation and loneliness as she entered motherhood, she created her Instagram HerLifeSparkles to connect with others. 

The mom of three curated her feed with baby clothes, hair-care tips, and, most importantly, parenting advice. In 2016, Tina had an aha moment after she earned $1K in brand collaborations. Subsequently, as she had her third child, her followers grew from 2K to 10K.

Tina quickly developed a devoted fan base looking to her for product recommendations and candid depictions of parenthood. Last year, she quit her job as an insurance adjuster to become a mom influencer consultant and develop brand partnerships. This career change earned her an outstanding $300K, according to CNBC. To date, Tina has 71.3K Instagram followers and a thriving coaching business.

@herlifesparkles is proof that #microinfluencers can build a successful content brand. Last year, she earned $300K. #contententrepreneur Click To Tweet

Why we’re a Stan: Tina’s proof that you don’t need a big, big following to grow a content brand. With under 100K followers, she’s a successful microinfluencer. Unlike influencers with huge followings, Tina caters to a more niche audience and often can deliver higher engagement rates.

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