BrightEdge, a provider of organic search and content performance, unveiled BrightEdge Instant, a set of innovations that transforms how search marketers drive performance at scale. BrightEdge Instant is the industry’s first and most powerful real-time SEO solution that empowers marketers to utilize real-time insights and take action to optimize content all within one unified platform.

The final shift from multiple SEO point solutions to a single-platform experience. According to BrightEdge market research, a typical organic search practitioner uses an average of six tools and can spend up to four hours a day on research, reporting, and analysis. In the past, it was difficult for search marketers to truly understand the customer journey as it happens and, in turn, maximize revenue. BrightEdge Instant ensures that this is no longer a problem.

Key capabilities enable marketers to:

  • Research on Demand: Utilize real-time research to answer questions and uncover opportunities as they happen. BrightEdge Instant gives marketers access to real-time, on-demand data, which allows them to ask specific questions and discover quantitative, data-driven answers with rapid speed, ease, and accuracy. Marketers for the first time can take action on the voice opportunity with a data-driven approach to conversational search.
  • Rankings in Real-time: Understand in real-time how content is performing across any search engine and any device across 37,000 locations and 46 languages. Real-Time Rank Checker allows marketers to optimize at the speed of Google through analysis of video (YouTube) and image SERP rankings. Amazon Rank Checker enables marketers to protect their brand on Amazon.
  • Recommendations and Page Speed Performance: Take action on instantly identified content opportunities, page insights and link recommendations through an integrated approach to page speed analysis and data insights. Page Speed Performance allows marketers to understand, at scale, desktop and mobile site speed performance while comparing and contrasting against the competition.