Jim Edmunds

View from the Top by Jim Edmunds, President and CEO

Before starting Ingeniux I made my living telling stories. As a producer at Electronic Arts for video games, an independent film maker, and helping pioneer the digital news industry with the launch of MSNBC at Microsoft, success always came down to the quality of the content.

Ingeniux was founded with a belief stories change the world. That bold ideas need a platform. That is what makes Ingeniux different. While people talk about web experience, mobile, cloud, and other tech trends, they lose sight of what enables these innovations – great content.

Ingeniux builds content management software with an unparalleled focus on the content itself. We believe in intelligent “structured” content. We design our software to enable content reuse, true mobile and multi-channel content delivery, and insightful content discovery.

Ingeniux CMS 9 is reflective of this belief. The first Web CMS platform built on a NoSQL architecture that delivers Big Data-like innovation, CMS 9 supports superior search, performance, and content-driven websites and customer experiences. It’s completely unique in how it manages and delivers content.

At Ingeniux we have always prided ourselves on innovation. A leader in XML technology in 1999, Ingeniux introduced Software-as-a-Service in 2005, business collaboration, portal, and social community in 2007, and now Ingeniux CMS 9.

15 years into the content management revolution, our industry is facing the biggest challenge yet. The proliferation of information and the myriad of platforms for managing that information has essentially sequestered content, and the information we need to do our jobs, into disconnected silos. The saying “content wants to be free” is no longer just about a business model; it’s about liberating information and making it available when and where we need it.

It’s time to break down the silos. Content like currency has a multiplier effect. Our vision for the future of content management is much like yours. One platform to create, manage and deliver your content anywhere it needs to go.


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