As customer behavior continues to shift from passive to active engagement with brands – due to digital transformation – the technology companies use to distribute content has to be flexible and efficient. Companies no longer have the luxury of waiting 6-12 months for delivery of a customized platform that meets their needs.

Companies need to move faster to deliver the digital experiences their customers expect; personalized and specific to where the customer is and what device they are using. The market continues to create new ways of delivering digital experiences on new devices. Devices that keep consumers connected to the internet at all time with the expectation of getting the right content for that specific experience.

With this evolution, companies need to invest in technology that allows them to ‘Start Finished, then Customize’. Starting finished allows companies to get experiences up and running quickly in order to maximize customer value. This technology, while off-the-shelf ready, needs to be agile enough to customize later in response to changing customer demands and/or market changes.

Perfect Sense built its business with the goal of keeping all its customers happy and helping them deliver their content to the right person on the right device, at the right time. To that end, Perfect Sense has dramatically evolved Brightspot, its digital experience platform, to meet the needs of all customers as they look to digitally transform their business. Brightspot will continue to stand out as the best platform to publish the right content to any connected platform, enabling you to respond rapidly to change – when your customers’ requirements change, your business goals change, or the competitive landscape changes – a true, enterprise platform that gives you the power to respond and innovate quickly.

Perfect Sense is focused on delivering the right experience to companies worldwide, their end users and providing the managed services to support its growing customer base.

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