Pattern89, a marketing technology company changing social media marketing through artificial intelligence (AI), announced the launch of new tools to maximize and understand ad performance at every stage of the digital advertising life cycle. The new set of capabilities, collectively called Voyager, contains four features to help digital marketers push creative, optimization and performance limits to new heights with the help of AI. These updates bring a better level of transparency and insight to AI-backed results than ever before. 

The Creative Simulator is a new feature that predicts an ad’s creative performance before the ad runs. It determines how well each creative element of an ad will perform, prior to the ad going live. This allows marketers to adjust creative to maximize results before spending any money on ads. It also helps marketers identify and launch new high-performing creative concepts with the help of AI.

To further Pattern89’s commitment to transparency, the new Alert Performance Analysis feature analyzes how AI-backed alerts impact performance, before and after an alert is implemented. Before an alert’s changes are implemented, each alert showcases how a marketer’s current ads and ad sets are performing relative to their Pattern89 dynamic benchmarks. After an alert is implemented, users will be able to see how its changes affected these metrics. This feature improves transparency, understanding of the AI’s decisions, and the trustworthiness of the product.

Pattern89’s Creative Planner also offers Saved Filters. These new beta capabilities allow marketers to bookmark the most important campaign scenarios so they can quickly gather insights to guide their most important creative decisions. Saving filters in Planner makes product usability easier and frequently-accessed data simpler to locate.

Finally, all ad optimizations from the Pattern89 Console can now be implemented automatically with the new Do Everything For Me mode. This beta feature takes the capabilities of the Do This For Me Button – the feature that implements alerted suggestions to individual ads – even further by automatically implementing each AI-driven alert without a marketer even needing to log in. With the new setting, Pattern89’s AI completes all ad optimizations instantly, getting advertisers to Inbox Zero faster than ever.

Pattern89 is the command center for companies wanting to enhance and optimize their marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram ads. The company’s artificial intelligence-based software takes the guessing game out of marketing optimization. It analyzes and predicts on more than 2,900 individual ad features every day, so marketers can make the best decisions for campaign targeting and creative. The software optimizes ad performance in real time, measuring against all present and past ad campaigns for which the company has data. Today, that’s over 700 companies.