YouTube content creator Shamook (100K) has taken his knowledge of machine learning and AI to Hollywood. The content entrepreneur specializes in creating deepfake videos, placing actors in movies they were never in as well as improving poor computer-generated imagery (CGI) in classic scenes. 

.@Sham00k built his #contentbusiness creating #deepfake YouTube videos. He put actors in movies they never appeared in and created better CGI in classic scenes. #contententrepreneur #creatoreconomy Click To Tweet

Shamook began his channel in 2018 and turned it into a successful content business through sponsorships with brands like tech company Paperspace and Patreon where he lets subscribers vote on new videos, access his Discord server, and get his help on their own deepfake videos. (He doesn’t make any money directly from YouTube because of copyright issues around his videos.)

But Shamook’s most interesting accomplishment happened in the past seven months. In late December 2020, he released his improved video of the CGI Luke Skywaker in The Mandalorian season two finale. The improvements were stunning, and the video has been viewed over 3.2M times. It got the attention of Lucasfilm, which hired Shamook as a senior facial capture artist for its Industrial Light and Magic brand, according to IndieWire.

YouTuber @Sham00k created an improved video of a young Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian finale. It got him over 3.2M views and a job offer from @Lucasfilm_Ltd. #creatoreconomy Click To Tweet

Why we’re a Stan: We love the twist – Shamook created content critical of how Lucasfilm did the original. Instead of getting a cease-and-desist letter, he got a job. We’re pleased to hear now that he’s been on the job awhile, he expects to find time to resume his content business and upload new videos on YouTube.

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