Entrepreneur: Pablo David Laucerica

Tilt: Musical take on his insecurities and awkwardness

Scene: Website, TikTok (465.8K), Instagram (11K), Twitter (318), SoundCloud

Snack Bites: 

  • Pablo David Laucerica downloaded the TikTok app to watch funny videos his brother would share.
  • A performing artist, Pablo saw the potential of a stage and created a content tilt around his anxiety and awkwardness set to music.
  • Pablo collaborates on and off of TikTok with Fran Daniel in the musical duo Nos Leiras on YouTube.
  • The musical creator partners with major brands like NBC and Celestial Seasonings Tea.

Why We’re a Stan: Pablo uses his educational background in musical theater to make a name for his talents online. The self-deprecating performer also creates content that his audience can relate to. He also has attracted the interest of brands that aren’t necessarily obvious partnerships.

The Story of Pablo David Laucerica

Over the years, Pablo David Laucerica’s performing arts skills have drawn hundreds of thousands to his platforms. When scrolling through his feed, viewers can see the TikToker break down his anxieties and insecurities in semi-awkward jokes for the world. 

Pablo spent most of his younger years in the orbit of good music, moving art, and delicious food in Miami. The now Chicago resident completed a voice and opera performance degree and music theater certificate program at Northwestern University’s Bienen School of Music.

A background in performing arts helped @PabloDLaucerica find success on @TikTok as he breaks down his anxieties and insecurities in semi-awkward jokes. #Stan #ContentEntrepreneur Share on X

As he explains on his site, “I got to perform for/with esteemed musicians, directors, conductors, and composers in both the classical and musical theater field … performing at LEAST once a week in college, whether in musicals, operas, plays, choral performances, recitals, or any other wacky thing I’m sure I did.” 

The work Pablo put into cultivating his craft during these experiences helped him create content for his self-titled TikTok account.

Pablo David Laucerica makes music and funny

But Pablo didn’t download the TikTok app to showcase his creations. In 2020, he started using the app to watch funny videos and reels from his brother. Then, Pablo took the creator plunge and started posting his jingles and musical theater content. The more he posted, the more people began to flock to his page. As he explains: “Long story short: people follow me on Tik Tok ’cause I make music and pretend to be funny!” 

People follow @PabloDLaucerica on #TikTok because, as he says, he makes music and pretends to be funny. #Stan #CreatorEconomy Share on X

He’s had over 58K views of this TikTok of him acting a reaction by Simon Cowell in a Shrek 2 bonus feature:

In Insider’s Recent 21 TikTok Creators That You Should Follow in 2021, authors Palmer Haasch and Kat Tenbarge praise Pablo’s social media skills: “If you’re looking for a dose of relatable musical comedy – and jingles about being “emotionally unavailable” that’ll get stuck in your head for days on end – Laucerica is a worthy follow.” These words summarize why musical lovers click on the red follow button on his page. 

@ThisIsinsider picked @PabloDLaucerica as one of the 21 TikTok #creators to follow in 2021. #Stan #ContentEntrepreneur Share on X

One example of his videos that’s garnered thousands of eyeballs is an eight-minute clip of the midwesterner singing about avoiding his responsibilities.


what/who are u avoiding rn? leave it in the comments 👀 #relatable

♬ original sound – Pablo

The relatable tune has over 18.3K likes and 100 comments to date. Followers join in on the fun by mentioning how they avoid important tasks when watching the video. One view said, “Watching this, I’m just avoiding my classwork. and it’s piling up., and I’m stressed, but I just can’t seem to get up and do it.” Another replied, “I have that problem too, but I’m slowly figuring it out.”

Big brands partner with TikTok creator

Pablo David Laucerica often partners with brands. Some have a direct connection to his singer-songwriter background, and others fall outside of his creative purview. His recent sponsored content for NBC’s American Song Contest features him and another singer breaking into song, debating which grew up in the better state.

The other singer lists off the draws of New York City, pizza, bagels, and Little Italy. Pablo talks about existential dread and then changes the subject, jumping back into the song’s topic. 

As the video continues, the two harmonize, singing: “My home state is better than yours/ My home state is better for sure/ I said what I said and I say it once more/ My home state is better than yours.” The NBC promotion is classic Pablo. 

Last February, Pablo worked with Celestial Seasonings Tea to promote their Sleepytime Bear brand. At first glance, the pairing may not seem on brand for TikToker as the company isn’t involved in performing arts. But the Celestial campaign is about a bear who drank the tea and has now woken up to a new world of social media.

Pablo sings about the TikTok trends he missed while sleeping. He ends the clip wanting to unwind with the tea, showing viewers a box of his favorite tea from the company: Sleepytime Honey. 

Creator @PabloDLaucerica did a deal with @CelestialTea where he sings about TikTok trends he missed while sleeping. The video promoted #SleepytimeBear tea. #SponsoredContent #CreatorEconomy #Stan Share on X

Outside the Gen Z app

Pablo consistently creates new and engaging content for fans, and his recent collaborations are proof of this. His Life Now series is part of The National Theatre’s Saturday Morning Live program. He writes and stars in two episodes now available on YouTube

Pablo also has an active Instagram with 11K fans. He repurposes the content he uploads to TokTik to Instagram along with giving the audience a behind-the-scenes look at his family’s music-making skills. 

Pablo is one-half of the duo Nos Leiras, a group he started with Fran Daniel. On YouTube, the two cover musical theater hits like, If I Could Tell Her from Dear Evan Hansen and Michael in the Bathroom from Be More Chill. The latter has earned over 2K views.  In 2020, they even posted a cover of the popular Best Part by Daniel Caesar ft. Her.

It’s clear Pablo’s tenacity behind his TikTok, solo, and group performances prove his talent as a creator. As Sarah Dube of Play Too Much says: “[He] is an incredibly funny and talented individual. His voice is like silk, his songwriting skills are versatile, and he is insanely hard-working.”

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