Nate O’Brien had a simple online goal: produce quality videos on wealth management and personal development. This passion started in 2017 when as a student he posted videos to YouTube from the confines of his college dorm room. After uploading 10 to 20 videos in his first month, he had an average six views for each one. 

Nate refused to give up. He uploaded even more, perfected his editing skills, garnered over 5K subscribers, and earned $952.11. Today the channel and his brand have evolved into 13 streams of income and 1.1M subscribers. Nate made $220K in 2019.

In his first month on @YouTube, @nateobrienn averaged six viewers per video. Within two years, his #contentbusiness had 13 revenue streams and 1.1M subscribers. #Stan #startup #creatoreconomy Click To Tweet

Why we’re a Stan: Nate O’Brien realized big success in his content business wasn’t going to happen right away. This YouTube content creator’s persistence and diligence, though, did pay off big within just a couple of years.

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