At the first Creator Economy Expo in 2022, three Tilt community members got something we weren’t expecting.

The birth of a weekly podcast!

I (CMQueen101 on Discord), Marc Angelos (MarcAngelosNYC), and Mike Neubauer (YourOpsGuy) all attended the event in real life. Over CEX lunches and the Web3 stream of talks, we discovered our shared interest and like for each other.

When they returned home, Mike and Marc started weekly chats on a new Entre platform and gathered a small following. A few months later – after seeing them again at an event in New York – I joined them in the chats, and they continued doing a Web3 weekly digest.

By the end of 2022, we realized we liked each other so much that we made it a regular thing.

They rebranded the podcast Web3 By Three. We created a YouTube channel, and now at 4 p.m. US EDT Wednesdays through LinkedIn Live and Twitter Spaces.

3 creators meet at #CreatorExpo and later launched @Web3byThree, a podcast about what #Web3 news means for business owners. Congrats #ContentEntrepreneurs #MichellePetersonClark, #MarcAngelos, and #MikeNeubauer. Click To Tweet

We discuss the latest Web3 news. Our content tilt centers around the business application. We always ask, “What does this news item mean for your business?”

Each of us brings a unique perspective to the show that compliments the others. Mike is the operational tech guy. Marc is sales and strategy. And I’m the marketing person.

We also keep the business perspective in mind for Web3 By Three. Within the next year, we expect to secure sponsors and are working on ideas for a collaborative product offering.

Reuniting at CEX 2023

Special note: We’ll reunite at Creator Economy Expo 2023 and record our first in-person podcast at the Evergreen Podcasting booth. Join us at 4 p.m. Wednesday, May 3, at CEX. 

Who knows who else you might meet and where it could take your content business. 

Connect with Web3 By Three:

About the author

Michelle is a speaker, author, content marketer, historian and mother of 3 boys.

As the Content Marketing Queen for the past 12 years, she has helped countless small businesses understand and develop their content strategies and focus on a customer first approach.

In 2017, Michelle and her husband John entered the world of ‘crypto’ and they have been involved with a number of Web3 companies including, Bolt.Global, Switcheo, Quantstamp, Emsany and until October 2022 she was the Head of Marketing for, an NFT trading platform.

Michelle has created - a marketplace where content creators can create and offer utility NFTs for their businesses to onboard into the Web3 space. It will be a 'No Punk' Zone!