Two years ago, Humphrey Yang, a former Wall Streeter, noticed a lack of finance videos on TikTok. So, he challenged himself to create and upload one video a day for one month. He gained traction and knew there was only one thing to do: Keep going.

Humphrey has made a real impression on TikTok’s finance-crazed Gen Zers. And, it’s obvious why as explains: He’s “pretty transparent, even nerdy, in his thoughts.

TikToker Humphrey Yang uses pop culture to teach finance. @Money says he's transparent, even nerdy, in his thoughts. #Stan #ContentEntrepreneur Share on X

“He’ll dip slightly into the details of market vs. limit stock orders, but he’ll also swiftly list options for where to invest $100, rattling off pros and cons backed by serious know-how without the long spiel.” 

After a follower asked him to explain NFTs in a way that even a 3-year-old could understand, Humphrey did it using a Taylor Swift reputation concert ticket. He explains how someone wouldn’t know the ticket was real unless it came with a certificate of authenticity or a receipt. With NFTs, you can imprint the certificate as a code onto a digital item and indicates how he would add that to the online version of the Taylor Swift ticket. 

Then, if Taylor wants to host a private listening session for her NFT holders, only people who hold that NFT can go. A copy of that NFT ticket wouldn’t work because the code cannot be duplicated. His clever storytelling backs why the Californian has 2.7M subscribers at the time of writing.  

He has worked with finance brands like Weathfront. And, he tells Fortune, he makes money “through a community Patreon model and through sponsored promotions of products.”

Humphrey Yang uses the power of storytelling to help Gen Z learn finance on @TikTok. #Stan #CreatorEconomy Share on X

Why we’re a Stan: Humphrey knows how what his audience wants and he uses the power of storytelling to help them learn it.

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