Entrepreneur: Nicki Krawczyk

Biz: Filthy Rich Writer

Tilt: Copywriter who teaches her craft

Scene: Website, Instagram (19.8K), Facebook (17.3K), YouTube (2.46K), Twitter (654) 

Snack Bites: 

  • After enjoying her career as a copywriter for over two decades, Nicki Krawczyk formed the Filthy Rich Writer. 
  • In 10 years, she has helped over 7K people elevate their writing careers.
  • The brand encompasses a blog, podcast, active social media accounts, and a robust training course, Comprehensive Copywriter Academy.
  • The Filthy Rich Writer brand staunchly opposes get-rich-quick schemes and deceitful copywriting courses.

Why We Stan: Though her business is Filthy Rich Writer, Nicki Krawczyk stands out from other copywriting content tilts by taking an honest approach that doesn’t promise easy, work-in-your-pajamas work. She also maintains her own copywriting clients, sharing what she learns from current experiences with her students. 

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The Story of Nicki Krawczyk

With over 20 years of experience, Nicki Krawczyk created Filthy Rich Writer to take aspiring wordsmiths to the next level in their copywriting careers. On staff at in-house communications departments and as a freelancer, the Boston local has earned more than six figures from writing copy. She’s elevated the copy at TripAdvisor, Marshalls, Hasbro, Keurig, Adidas, and even held wrote for Harlequin romance novels.

After noticing employers were actively searching for quality copywriters, she launched her content business, Filthy Rich Writer, in 2012. To Nicki, being a “fifty rich copywriter” means “having a job you love, being good at it, and making good money.”

Since opening her business, the content creator has helped more than 7K students elevate their writing careers. Throughout this 10-year venture, Nicki has created a well-written blog, informative podcast, and Comprehensive Copywriter Academy, all under the Filthy Rich Writer umbrella. 

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Finding the direction for Filthy Rich Writer 

Nicki has long enjoyed her career as a copywriter and still holds an amazing roster of clients. One of her most impactful experiences, however, was building a team of copywriters. They liked writing content but had no history as professional copywriters. She loved helping them learn the trade and saw an opportunity to help more, and Filthy Rich Writer was born. 

She added the Comprehensive Copywriter Academy after noticing the lousy and occasionally deceitful resources available to aspiring copywriters. According to Nicki’s site, she even found some that “teach antiquated projects like ‘online sales letters,’ make B.S. promises like ‘you’ll make six figures in your first year in your pajamas,’ and bank on weird and useless ‘training techniques’ like hand-copying ads.”

Since creating her business, Nicki has found that her transparency and passion for supporting aspiring copywriters have helped her form a successful career around teaching her livelihood to the masses. As she puts it, “I’m lucky – I have two careers that I absolutely love. And THAT’S why I do them both.”

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Teaching with results 

Nicki’s Comprehensive Copywriter Academy is described as a “no-gimmick, copywriting career training that teaches everything from the fundamentals of writing effective copy to building a successful and thriving career,” according to the company’s website. The goal of The Filthy Rich Writer is to help participants have an optimal copywriting career, whether writing while traveling the world or building a flexible work-from-home schedule. It is Nikki’s hope her students can make their life as a copywriter however they envision it. 

The CCA course teaches students copywriting skills, ways to excel at writing for print and interactive media, and how to map and maintain a career successfully. Nicki also offers currently enrolled students unlimited calls with her, cohort engagement on their Facebook group, and the access to revisit course materials after the workshop.

Past students have written raving reviews about the Comprehensive Copywriter Academy. They have written for established brands, worked as freelancers, and even found gainful employment after a month. When a writer’s testimonial is, “I make consistent $4-5K months into my copywriting business, it’s totally possible,” there are likely others who face similar success.

About the author

Shameyka McCalman is a wordsmith whose work often centers around fashion, art, and other creatives of color. She earned her communications degree from the University of Massachusetts Boston and enjoys sifting through clothes in local vintage shops, frequenting nearby plays, and gazing at exhibitions on view in museums.