In 2004, 18 months after he founded the most buzzed-about technology review website Gizmodo, Peter Rojas wanted to create a blog where he could review products, not act as an impartial journalist. So, he launched Engadget. In a 10-year anniversary blog post, Peter recalled being nervous about creating a new website: “Back in the early days of blogging, there was this idea that there may only ever be one blog (in the world) for each topic. A blog about New York. A blog about sports. There was a gadget blog. People posted at the time, ‘I’m not sure we need another gadget blog.'”

When @PeterRojas founded @Engadget, many thought there was only enough space in the world for one blog per topic. #founder #entrepreneur #creatoreconomy Click To Tweet

This didn’t stop supporters of Engadget to back the site, which eventually earned the San Francisco entrepreneur $5.5M per month, according to a Forbes successful blogs listicle

Why we’re a Stan: Peter Rojas dared to do not only what he wanted to do but something he knew he had the skillset to do. He also didn’t agree with commonly held views (one blog per subject sounds silly today, but it wasn’t then). You always have the opportunity to stand out, whether tackling a unique topic or doing it better than everybody else.

We’re a fan of @PeterRojas b/c he didn’t follow common thinking and went on to create the mega-successful @Engadget. #contententrepreneur #Stan #creatoreconomy Click To Tweet

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