Seven years ago, Charli Prangley posted a video about how she started a T-shirt business to her YouTube channel CharliMarieTV. Today, the creator has over 204K subscribers, viewing her weekly takes on career trends, important tools, and design industry advice.

A skilled web and graphic designer by trade, the 32-year-old is a designer and creative director of ​​ConvertKit. In her solo content business, she shares her industry knowledge and gives design industry advice on job titles, wireframing techniques, and design bonuses and benefits. Last year, her salary video received the most praise, becoming the catalyst for others to reveal their salaries on YouTube. This response fits with Charli’s motives for creating the channel – giving her viewers a look into all aspects of her design career. 

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The half-Kiwi, half-British creator who lives in Valencia, earns revenue from two primary streams: brand sponsorships that she negotiates herself and ads from YouTube’s partner program, which brought in $2,567 between January and May

As she explains to Insider: “Get really clear about what your standards are as a creator. I’m not going to take on a sponsorship unless I already know and use the tool myself. That severely limits my options, but it also means I’m not wasting a ton of time going back and forth with a company to learn about it.”

Followers interested in more content can subscribe for $5 a month to her Patreon account, where she shares behind-the-scenes footage.

We’re a Stan: Charli’s tilt isn’t just advice for those in creative industries; it’s being transparent in the advice she gives. That authenticity is key to connecting with viewers and building a community.

We're a #Stan for @CharliPrangley because she's transparent in the advice she gives on her @YouTube channel. That's key to connecting with viewers. #ContentEntrepreneur #CreatorEconomy Click To Tweet

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