YouTuber Charlie Chang keeps his 437K subscribers engaged by uploading how-to videos on growing wealthy as an entrepreneur. At first, the financier viewed the channel as a fun side project to promote his work as a real estate agent. Now, he earns thousands in affiliate marketing. In April 2020, Charlie rebranded his content, steering clear of property topics to focus on personal finance and upped his frequency to daily posts.

After this change, he tells Business Insider, he had content that ranked in search and grew the channel. Charlie earns revenue from affiliate marketing, assisting in the increase of signups or sales for a brand. He also advertises personal finance apps and business programs. Insider reports he earned $60K in the first quarter of this year. 

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Why we’re a Stan: Charlie wasn’t afraid to redirect his original vision. He found a topic that resonated better with search engines and his growing audience rewards him by using his affiliate marketing links.

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