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3 Things Business Managers Want Content Creators To Realize

Signing a contract to work with a business manager doesn’t mean you can just stick to creating and expect your business to grow. That will only lead to frustrations for both you and your business manager. Instead, discuss what’s expected in the business relationship.

Here are two things business managers say all creators should do for a profitable, long-term partnership:

Don’t expect immediate success: You may go into the relationship eager to earn big money from day one. It usually takes a bit more time.

“I’d say it takes three months for us to introduce you to everybody, the brands that we’re working with, and having us consistently pitch you before we really start seeing the return,” says Becca Bahrke at Illuminate Social. “We really look for those long-term things. We’re not looking for the quick buck.”

And, she notes, it’s important to remember that brands have their own schedules. You might be perfect for a brand’s summer campaign, but it’s too early to plan for that. “Those are all things to keep top of mind when we first sign talent,” Becca says. “The first three months are going to be a lot of getting your name out there to clients.”

Be open to criticism: This is a team effort, Becca says, and building a platform takes some work. Creators need to be ready to roll up their sleeves, put in the work, and be open to constructive criticism.

“We don’t work for you; we work with you,” she says. “There are things that we know that we’re good at. And there are things that you know that you’re good at. And we’re trying to combine it and make it even better.”

– Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

To learn one more thing business managers wish you would know, read the full story.

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content entrepreneur spotlight

The Tabletop Family Wins Content Game With Novice Tilt

Entrepreneur: Kelsey Demers

Biz: The Tabletop Family

Tilt: Board games

Primary Channels: Instagram (6.7K)

Other Channels: Blog (12K monthly), TikTok (16.1K)

Time to First Dollar: One year

Rev Streams: Affiliate sales on Amazon, contracts with game publishers for photo shoots

Our Favorite Actionable Advice:

  • Serve your target audience: Kelsey unboxed 18 games and repackaged them to save space. Game hobbyists loathed the possibility. But her target audience appreciated it, and the TikTok video went viral.
  • Be on a search-worthy platform: The Tabletop Family started on Instagram. But they quickly realized it wasn’t a good fit for audiences searching for board games. So, they created a website instead.
  • Work for your community: Kelsey takes time to respond to direct messages asking for game recommendations. She even turns some of those requests into blog topics.

– Kimmy Gustafson

All the Story: To learn more about Kelsey Demers and how The Tabletop Family turned into a viable business, check out the longer story.

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quick talk

Caught on … Twitter

“Health is the ultimate tool for content creators. Take care of yourselves. It’s worth more than all the gear in the world.” – Professor Nez

things to know

  • Mariah money: Mariah Carey has issued a Snapchat Spotlight challenge, appropriately enough called #AllIWantForChristmas. Hit “record” and show her what you want for the holiday. The top Snap wins $50K, with second place taking home $30K, and third getting $20K. Entries open through Dec. 27. (Elite Daily)
    Tilt Take: In traditional contests, that’s an abrupt turnaround time, but it makes sense for the quick-moving Snapchat. Another reminder that it’s important to tailor your content to the platform and its audience.
  • Accessible tweets: Twitter will enable auto-captions for all uploaded videos. (Social Media Today; h/t Jeff Kidd)
    Tilt Take: Moves like this are helpful to more than those who have permanent hearing loss. It also assists people in situations where they may not be able to turn up the sound, such as a parent with a sleeping baby or a viewer on the bus who forgot their earbuds.
Tech and Tools
  • More for mobile: Google has updated the YouTube Studio app. Among the changes is the ability to search comments through filters such as response status, contains a question, subscriber status, subscriber count, etc. (Google; h/t tl;dr marketing)
    Tilt Take: This tool will be helpful for on-the-go YouTubers to interact with their target community.
And Finally
  • Happy New Year: Original Viner-turned-YouTuber-turned actress Liza Koshy will co-host Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest. Liza amassed 7M followers on Vine before it closed in 2017, and she took her comedic talents to YouTube, where she was the fastest personality to reach 10M subscribers. (tubefilter)
    Tilt Take: We wish all our readers a Happy 2022! (But we’re not done yet; we’ll be working next week on our regularly scheduled issues.)

we’re a stan for Candice Hutchings

In 2010, Candice Hutchings started blogging on her vegan-friendly website, The Edgy Veg. As she describes today in her about section: “Edgy by nature, I use my YouTube channel, and Instagram pages to disrupt the vegan community with my candid and humorous take on activism not only for animals and food built differently, but also mental health, the environment, and female empowerment.”

Two years later, she expanded her brand when she uploaded her first video to YouTube (now 441K). Candice earns revenue through affiliate links with trusted brands, partnerships with companies, and created a cookbook in 2017. Last month, the YouTuber revealed her first product launch called Edgy Veg Essentials Bundle, “the world’s first sour gummy vitamin made by vegans for vegans.”

Why we’re a Stan: Candice ventured into another content platform, YouTube, after establishing her brand on her website. Now her brand, The Edgy Veg, continues to publish on those two revenue-earning channels and added a cookbook and vitamin product to her business.

– Shameyka McCalman

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