Bobby Hoyt is now a successful full-time financial blogger with millions of readers. Yet, almost 10 years ago, he graduated college with a degree in music and no clue how to pay off his $40K in loans. 

Then a high school band director, Bob learned that debt would take decades to pay off, so he took drastic action. Bob and his wife Coral, an elementary school teacher, cut down their expenses, giving up vacations and new clothes and renting a room from the in-laws. Bob’s debt was gone in just 18 months.

Their experience made him realize what he was truly interested in, personal finance. After sharing his insights on the subject with his students and starting a blog – Millennial Money Man – to support the life he wanted, Bob quit teaching and became a full-time content entrepreneur. 

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Today, Millennial Money Man publishes content on side hustles, freelancing, online businesses, and investing. Bob also co-founded Laptop Empires, a company teaching people to create online businesses.

Why we’re a Stan: Bob’s story of finding himself on a career path that didn’t work for him and stuck with a fortune of debt is one that many college graduates find themselves in. But he didn’t let that defeat him. He pivoted and, with hard work and quick learning, the financial blogger found his content tilt and created two successful brands.

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