Atypon is the largest technology company in the scholarly and professional publishing industry, and our online publishing platform, Literatum, is the most widely used.

Literatum has been in continuous development for over 20 years. That’s given us time to understand what publishers want most from their publishing platform. We’ve designed Literatum to increase readership, revenues, impact, and the visibility of our clients’ online brands, which it does through the creation of destination websites that keep readers onsite longer and returning more often.

The platform’s enhanced search mechanisms give readers quick access to the content they need, and its proprietary content recommendation engine surfaces relevant content they didn’t even know existed. User-friendly technologies like passwordless login and login suggestions make Literatum sites easier to access, and frictionless eCommerce journeys encourage purchases.

The new Atypon eReader, a fully integrated feature of Literatum, provides a uniquely productive research experience that goes beyond what commercially available eReaders can offer and reduces publishers’ reliance on third-party eBook channels like Apple and Amazon. Its EPUB-first publications curtail PDF downloads and curb unlicensed content usage even while encouraging content sharing.

Literatum’s identity tracking technology, combined with Atypon’s award-winning semantic auto-tagger, can accurately target content, advertising, and promotions to the right visitors, in real time. And the platform’s straightforward interface and widget-based UX design tool give editors and marketers direct control of their websites’ content, user experience, and branding—without relying on tech staff.

By combining the kind of consumer-oriented user experience that readers have come to expect, with the sales and marketing tools our clients need, the Literatum platform lets publishers forge lasting, direct relationships with their readers.

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