Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced that the Army Publishing Directorate (APD), U.S. Army Services and Operations Agency, Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army, are adopting Adobe document integration solutions. The choice is intended to better manage document generation and processing for thousands of publications and forms used by millions of Army personnel worldwide. The Adobe solution enables the directorate to streamline Army-wide administrative operations, reduce storage and distribution costs, speed processing of administrative forms, and improve the accuracy of information exchanged by personnel. The APD manages the distribution of administrative, technical, equipment, training, and doctrine departmental publications and forms to more than 2.1 million active military, reserve and civilian personnel worldwide. Personnel around the globe can bring up many administrative publications and forms in Adobe PDF and in XML to review policies and procedures or to initiate purchasing, human resources, and payroll tasks. Army-wide personnel can access the up-to-date administrative departmental publications and forms via the Directorate’s Internet site ( the Army Home Page (, or the secure Internet site, Army Knowledge Online ( For materials needed by veterans, spouses of enlisted personnel, and others without access to the Army intranet, APD converts materials to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and posts the platform- and application-independent files on the Web and distributes them on CD-ROM.

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