In 2015, Boston College sophomore Daniella Pierson thought writing her own publication might be the differentiator she needed to succeed. “I was like, well, if my GPA and references aren’t going to get me to Conde Nast or Hearst, then maybe if I start my own publication that will help me stand out,” she tells CNBC Make It

And that’s why she launched The Newsette, a daily newsletter with business, fashion, beauty, and tech news accompanied by a conversation with an incredible woman. Daniella says she wants the newsletter to make the women who read it “feel inspired, powerful, and informed every morning.”

Newsette has generated over 500K subscribers, mostly between the ages of 18 and 35, and $6 million in revenue since its launch, according to CNBC. 

Earlier this year, The Newsette offered a $10,000 finder’s fee to any of its subscribers who referred someone who was hired onto the team. (The company was adding four employees to its seven-person team.) “We want to tap our community to actually help us grow because we value our community’s opinion, connections and networks so much,” Daniella says.

Tilt Takeaway: We like The Newsette’s decision to focus strictly on the newsletter product. Its website is strictly a subscription landing page. Though it set up social media platforms, it hasn’t posted in a while and doesn’t include social links anywhere

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