Dark Cloud, an alternative media platform, announces it is launching a set of tools allowing Tumblr users to export their existing Tumblr content and rescue all of the data. The service will allow for a seamless transition of content between the old Tumblr site and the new Dark Cloud service. The key component is a direct converter that allows users to plug in their Tumblr URL and Dark Cloud does the rest. The converter will take an existing Tumblr account and import it into a Dark Cloud profile, which will have similar functionality to the existing platform.

The Dark Cloud Media Platform is a collection of software applications designed for the modern web. The key components of the platform include:

  • A digital storefront where content creators can sell their media direct to consumers
  • A Content Management System allowing adult content creators to have a top-quality website running inside their own domain name.
  • A live streaming and webcam platform optimized for use on mobile
  • An interactive gaming platform integrated with live cams to provide a more engaging experience to live cam models.
  • A Desktop Media Manager that allows users to organize, develop and manage their personal media. They can encrypt and backup their media as well as browse the internet with more anonymity than Incognito Mode in Google Chrome.