Gen Z skin-care guru Hyram Yarbro posted his first video to his self-titled YouTube channel (now 4.5M) in 2017 and expanded to TikTok with similar content in 2020.

On any given week, the beauty lover reviews other influencers’ skin-care routines, ranks his favorite beauty products, and gives honest feedback on new brand launches. He even started the #MakeMyRoutine challenge on TikTok, telling his 6.5M followers to post their routines, and he’ll recreate them with products that he believes will help clear up their skin concerns. 

Hyram discusses his beauty origin’s story with “It wasn’t until I was in college, when I was 18, that my friends encouraged me to start taking care of my skin … I had deep wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes. So, I started using skin care, and I realized that it wasn’t just something people did to feel fancy – it actually worked and started to repair my damaged skin. From there, I became passionate about ingredients, and I examined how skin-care products worked and whether they were worth it or not.”

Hyram’s early love affair with serums and rich face creams paid off. Last year, he was The Drew Barrymore show and on Allure, showcasing his 10-minute routine for ideal hair and skin. And, five months ago, Hyram became the founder of SelflessbyHyram, a skin-care brand derived from his passions to combat climate change and make clean water more accessible globally. 

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Why we’re a Stan: Hyram’s back story in beauty helps him understand what his followers look for in a sincere content creator. 

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