Bradley J. Scher, CEO

View from the Top by Bradley J. Scher, CEO

In the last few years as I’ve thought about the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space where I’ve worked for over two decades, I’ve found myself coming back to the expression, “May you live in interesting times.”

While the idea is a little exaggerated, it seems as though this supposed curse may actually be a blessing to a company like Acquire Media.

Here at Acquire Media, we pride ourselves in serving customers all along the digital content supply line. This includes acquiring and licensing content all the way to creating user interfaces to display and link content from different providers. And, as the landscape of content providers, formats, protocols, and uses change, it has forced us to stay on the cutting edge. With this laser-like focus on innovation, Acquire Media gets to participate at the forefront of every new innovation in the ECM space. This includes those from the provider side of the equation and those from the content user side. As such, we at Acquire Media have a unique perspective on the entire landscape.

Recently in our space, we have seen a desire on the part of customers to link data between content providers including internal information. This has the benefit of getting the maximum value from the enterprise content spend. As well, we see corporations interested in empowering individuals to organize this information while still maintaining productivity.

This has led us to develop a comprehensive suite of offerings for the federated searching of data stores across the enterprise and beyond. This work relies heavily on our industry-driven advancements in the areas of data linkage and enhancement. And the results have been excellent so far. It is this type of expansion of our core capabilities that allows us to continue to better serve our dynamic customer base.

If the ECM space is any indication, I’m glad to live in interesting times. It makes coming to work an ever-changing adventure.

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