This fave should be must-watch for any social platform entrepreneur. On Psych IRL (322K), Donna (no last name used) gets into the psychology behind YouTubers and their fans. She gets into the things YouTubers – and really any social platform entrepreneur – should know to create a better atmosphere and business for them and their fans.

Recent videos include The Secret Meaning of Hate Comments (And How To Effectively Respond To Them) and How I Predicted David Dobrik’s “Downfall” 1 Year Ago.. Not only are her videos educational and entertaining, Donna does a great job at making sure she doesn’t post-and-forget it. The follow-up prediction video is a great example of that. Plus, she followed up that with a pinned comment to let viewers know she published the video before David’s apology, while noting she saw that a separate topic worthy of a follow-up video. The conversations among her fans in the comments also deserve a good read.

She’s also on Twitter (6.2K) and Instagram (12.3K), but doesn’t post on those channels frequently. Insider says Shane Dawson and Casey Neistat are among her fans. We think if you are social platform entrepreneur you’d do well to be one too.

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