In the hopes of others following in his footsteps, YouTuber Roberto Blake teaches the ins and outs of being a high-earning content creator to his 537K followers, including tips on creating a media kit for sponsorships. He uses the skills gained as a photographer and in his past career as a graphic designer to create engaging content. A former freelancer, Robert has grown his revenue from $30K to $300K in 10 years. 

In an interview with Insider, Roberto shares his media kit, a detailed description of his brand, audience, and pricing that he sends to prospective brand sponsors. “It puts your content, demographic, and data in context, and shows a brand why you are a good spokesperson for their product,” he says. “It also lets you give them enough information to decide how to best utilize you as an influencer.”

An 11-page media kit helps #YouTuber @RobertoBlake attract sponsorships such as $2K for exclusive mention and $5K for integration video. #Stan #ContentEntrepreneur Share on X

His 11-page media kit for sponsorships shows he charges $2K for exclusive YouTube video mention and $5K for a YouTube integration video. 

Why we’re a Stan: Roberto has grown his content business by treating it like a business. A well-detailed media kit for sponsorships communicates to potential sponsors he knows and can deliver what they want.

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