Twitcher Steve “Destiny” Bonnell established a following on his platform by “broadcasting nearly constant footage of himself, usually talking politics, playing video games, debating people, or some combination of the three,” according to Mother Jones. Another thing setting him apart is his use of his own subscription service versus using a third-party site.

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He spends almost 16 hours a day video gaming for his now 685K followers, occasionally inserting numerous left-wing ideologies. Countless debates and political discussions erupt on his channel, causing his viewers to tune for both gaming techniques and the additional commentary. 

Among his revenue streams, Destiny offers four subscriber tiers, from $5 to $40 a month based on access level and benefits.

Why we’re a Stan: Destiny uses his own site to host his subscription service, so he doesn’t have to give a cut to third parties. He also has a unique gaming tilt by bringing in political conversations.

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