We’re a Stan for … Skint Dad

Skint Dad is the blog where “every penny counts.” Started in 2013, British couple Ricky and Naomi Willis wanted to help others who, like them, were “fed up of being skint and struggling to make ends meet.” 

They turned the Skint Dad into one of the largest money-focused blogs in the United Kingdom, with over 300K readers monthly. (Skint is British slang for penniless.) The Headline Money Awards recognized it as the financial blog of the year.

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In a twist of success, the penniless-focused blog turned into a revenue generator that sustains their family. ProMarketing reports Skint Dad earns revenue through advertising on their site as well as affiliate income.

Their origins story is helpful for aspiring blog content entrepreneurs. As ProMarketing explains: “It is much easier to succeed as a blogging influencer and make money blogging if you have a narrative, that is a story that people can relate to and buy into.”

Why we’re a Stan: We love that the Willises share their core values – trustworthy and approachable, helpful and responsive, informative and engaging, jargon-free and light-hearted, community-focused, and inclusive. (Content tilt, anyone?)

Yes, that’s a lot of words, but they all connect to its content mission “to provide relevant and useful guides, tips, and resources, to make sure everyone has access to fun and original ways to save and make more money.”

We love the #contenttilt of @SkintDad – providing frugal money advice in a jargon-free and light-hearted way. Kudos to #contententrepreneurs @SkintDad_Ricky and @SkintDad_Naomi. Click To Tweet

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