Entrepreneur: Rolonda Rochelle

Tilt: Gen X pro-aging advocate 

Scene: Website, Instagram (689K), Facebook (337K), YouTube (109K), TikTok (165.3K)

Snack Bites: 

  • Rolonda Rochelle found life after 50 to be an exciting time and fruitful content tilt.
  • Developing an audience online helped her gain a recurring role and producer credits in DeWayne Colley’s KountryWayne digital series.
  • Rolonda partners with brands who want to connect with her audience and has launched her own product lines to expand her business revenue. 

Why We Stan: Rolonda embraces her content tilt in all that she does, from her pro-aging advocate blog and social media content to her acting roles and her partnerships and products. She also recognizes the value of building an email audience – making it the first option people see on her site and requiring email addresses to learn more about some of her new products.

The Story of Rolonda Rochelle

In September 2019, real estate agent and digital maven Rolonda Rochelle made her first pro-aging declaration. She wrote, “As a woman now over 50, I’m really happy to be a part of this new breed of ‘age-nostic.’ Unlike the previous generation, I refuse to allow society to define and constrict my age.” She continued,  “I’ve embraced the so-called mid-life crisis. However, I think aging is a privilege and should be celebrated; not many are blessed to live to see this age and beyond.”

From then on, the content creator continued to share her life. Funny TikTok spoofs about her age, IGTV live sessions about life after menopause, and other pro-age uploads have led to media coverage about her content. Snoop Dogg has even reshared some of her content on his page, as she mentions on her Instagram.  

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Online content includes acting debut

As her star began to shine, Rolonda expanded her content creation into acting in a digital web skit series with DeWayne Colley as Kountry Wayne. She made her debut two years ago in The Cougar Strikes!, playing the down-to-earth woman who charms the main character with her charming voice and demeanor. She saves Wayne from ending up stranded after his more materialistic girlfriend leaves him in the middle of a fight. 

The video is the start of many acting stints in the Kountry Wayne universe. It was followed up by a series of videos, The Essence of the Cougar. The short videos raked in 40M views in one week. Rolonda recently joined the series as a producer.

Follower Dedria Walton describes the show’s success perfectly in the comments: “You all are successful in your own rights. But the way you all work as a team of greatness is what makes your talents even more special. Social media is just how it started. Now it’s taken off to the stratosphere! Doing it without Hollywood is when Hollywood comes knocking.” 

Revenue streams grow

As she has built an audience, the entrepreneur has become a brand ambassador and created her own product lines. Last year, the pro-aging advocate launched Specs by Ro, a chic and ready-to-wear eyewear line. More recently, Rolonda has created E3 – Exhale, Explore, and Experience – travel excursions designed for an audience that appreciates her tilt.

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Rolonda attributes her success to keeping true to her brand and never compromising on her goals, dreams, and ambitions. In a speech to creatives at the Atlanta Sync Camp & Workshop, she shared what has helped her grow as a content creator over the years,  “Stay consistent. And figure out who you are. The No. 1 thing is don’t get discouraged. It’s going to happen. I am a witness. I am a pro-aging advocate. I want to act. I want to sing. And. I’m going to prove it to the world. It’s going to happen.”

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