Mark Wiens has amassed more than 1.6B views on his YouTube food travel channel since 2009. Every Sunday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. Bangkok time (that’s where he lives), Mark posts a tantalizing video around street video and travel tips.

But Mark is more than a YouTuber. He’s created a content brand, Migrationology. He has over 49K subscribers to his e-newsletter. He’s created over 10 city travel guides. He also has appeared in and created videos for Amazon

With over 1.6B views on his @YouTube food travel channel, Mark Wiens has grown to build a content brand: @migrationology. #contententrepreneur #creatoreconomy #YouTuber Click To Tweet

Fang Wallet reports that Mark earns an average of $2,000 a day from his YouTube account while earning additional income through affiliate links in his blog. That doesn’t consider his original content creation business.

We’ll let Mark tell his own story:

Why we’re a Stan: Mark smartly built a huge audience in YouTube but expanded to create a content brand on platforms he has more control over. Given we preach consistency, we also love that he posts videos twice a week and lets his audience know exactly what time and day to expect them.

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