Entrepreneur: Jasmine Chiswell

Biz: Jasmine Chiswell

Tilt: Old Hollywood glamour

Channels: TikTok (11.3M)  Instagram (664K) YouTube (280K) www.JasmineChiswell.com

Time to profitability: 6 to 8 months

Rev Streams: Paid content, brand partnerships

Our Favorite Actionable Advice

  • Monitor trends: Create content around trends that fit with your tilt early on to grow your audience.
  • Engage with your audience: Jasmine develops some content based on her followers’ requests. By posting it in the video, others in her audience are encouraged to engage.
  • Go behind the scenes: With personality-driven content, at some point, your audience will love to learn your back story.

The Story

If you spend any significant time browsing TikTok, the bright and bubbly Jasmine Chiswell has probably popped up on the For You Page. The content-creator-turned-content-entrepreneur has quickly become an icon on the app for her vintage style and love of makeup (including her dangerous collection of vintage lipsticks, which she wouldn’t dare use today). Another draw? She lives in Marylin Monroe’s old Los Angeles home. 

@JasmineChiswell quickly became an icon on @TikTok for her vintage style, love of makeup, and life in Marilyn Monroe’s old home via @kellywynne23. Click To Tweet

Jasmine looks a bit like Marilyn, though she began styling her day-to-day looks with a vintage touch before she moved into Marilyn’s home. “I was already dressing vintage and things like that when I was (in my old home.) I think when I came here, I just felt, as a fan, I wanted to share her home and things that I found there with everyone. I didn’t want to keep that secret from people who are fans of Marilyn as well.”



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Her unique retro style and undeniable charisma helped her stand out quickly online in a sea of dance videos that flood TikTok feeds.

Time on her hands

In her homeland of Scotland, Jasmine worked on short films. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a master’s degree while getting a taste for the film industry. While waiting on her green card so she could work, Jasmine found herself with too much time on her hands. So, she started an Instagram account and began acting as an influencer. 

She didn’t realize how much money an influencer could make, and she didn’t necessarily expect her own image to take off. But it turned out, international viewers, especially on TikTok, loved her unique look, sweet voice, and uplifting personality. 

Jasmine has over 11.1M followers on TikTok and 653K on Instagram. Either number is enough to promise her sponsorship and other monetization avenues to make a career out of sharing her interests. Jasmine found brands and advertising opportunities worth pursuing in six to eight months. 

Here’s a recent post from her #FabFitFunPartnership:

Standards for paid content

Jasmine has high standards when it comes to paid content. “I always make sure it’s a company I care about, something I love and something I would use,” she says. “I don’t tend to take on sponsorships of anything that I just don’t believe in, or something myself I’d never buy or use. That’s not something I want to do. If I’m going to share – even if it’s a makeup product – I want it to be something that I genuinely would wear.”

She also likes to put her own twist on the paid content’s creation too.

I don’t tend to take on sponsorships of anything I don’t believe in or I’d never buy or use, says @TikTok and @Instagram #influencer @JasmineChiswell via @KellyWynne23. Click To Tweet

Future plans

Now, Jasmine can build an independent career around her internet identity. She’s become a businesswoman with a few exciting things on the horizon, which she isn’t able to reveal yet. But we could see more brand partnerships, a clothing or makeup line, and talk show appearances in her not-too-distant future.

Advice for content entrepreneurs

Be confident

Confidence is a key attribute to content creation success. But it also requires undeniable uniqueness. Instead of keeping up with the styles of Gen Z and millennials (don’t worry, she’s not talking about your side part), Jasmine taps into her personal interest in vintage style, sharing it in a fresh way.

Monitor trends to grow audience

Following trends on TikTok and posting content with the relevant hashtags or audio can help you gain followers, Jasmine says. It can help boost your visibility on TikTok’s For You Page so users can discover your content.

To grow an audience, new #contententrepreneurs should create content around relevant #trends on @TikTok, says #influencer @JasmineChiswell. Click To Tweet

Interact with your audience

On Jasmine’s digital channels, viewers will find everything from home decor accents that Marilyn chose herself to Jasmine’s spot-on beauty creations of other famous folk suggested by her followers. 

Be real

More recently, Jasmine has begun to open up about her life behind the scenes. She just revealed her first pregnancy, and to say her followers are thrilled would be a giant understatement. Pulling back the curtain on personal struggles and celebrations allows her to be even more accessible to her followers. 

She did a “bump update” video at one of her follower’s requests that garnered over 8M views:


Reply to @bts_fangirl164 BUMP UPDATE 2! 🤰

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Start now

Jasmine says if you want a similar career, stop procrastinating. “If you feel like you want to do it, but you’re a bit scared, I’d say just try it out, and you will have so much fun,” she says. “You never know where it can go. I was so scared at the beginning as well. I remember doing my first live (on Instagram) and I cried after because I was so scared. I just needed to do it. You’ll really love it.”

Becoming a content entrepreneur has made a positive difference in her life, too. “It’s helped my confidence in many ways. Before, especially (after) moving countries, I was very nervous about different things like my accent, and I think creating content has made me, in a weird way, love myself more in a sense of accepting who I am,” she says.

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