When blogger Naomi Davis launched Love Taza in 2007, she was recently married to Josh and wanted to share the bits and pieces of their new life. Fourteen years later, the content creators have added five more lives to their family. 

They’ve lived in Washington, DC, and New York City and recently moved to Arizona. At one point, Josh left his banking job to take on the business side of Love Taza. And throughout it all, Naomi’s blogged about their family, adventures, food, and travel. 

.@LoveTaza began #blogging about her newlywed life. Today, she's a #contententrepeneur whose family is essential creatively and professionally to her #contentbusiness. Click To Tweet

Though she has social media profiles, her blog is her heart. As the content creator writes, “While the online community is wonderful in many ways, it’s also a place for a lot of hate. For now, I choose to keep blogging because I believe it is a source for good.”

naomi davis shares her relatable adventures of marriage, motherhood, friendship, and family in her new book.

The content creators earn revenue from ads as well as sponsorships and affiliate income. In April, her book Coat of Yellow Paint debuted to rave reviews.

Why we’re a Stan: We’re big fans of content entrepreneurs who build their business on their own platform. We also love that Naomi is an open book, personally and professionally. Her quirky about page includes an FAQ that’s a must-read for all content creators. She explains why she blogs, what camera she uses, tips for bloggers, tips for keeping up a successful marriage, how ads and sponsorships work, and travel tips for NYC and DC.

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